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    January 15, 2022, 10:47 am to Public

    I also wanted to take this (rare) opportunity to say, I miss you, PMCer's. Back in October when we made this announcement, we thought after a few weeks, maybe at most a month, I would have a little more time and be in a groove with our small human and return to writing the Weekly's and be involved in this wonderful community once again. Turns out, she runs the show and requires basically every second of my time. She's lucky she's cute. 😛 I don't know when I'll start having time to write the newsletter again, but just know that it's always on my mind as are you 💙 Hope you are all doing great and are happy and healthy! Keep creating, playing, and being you!

    Mrs. PMC
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    User4004292G said 2022-01-22 10:37:09
    does anyone know how to play Pixelmon? i'm new.
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