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    August 16, 2018, 9:42 am to Public
    Hello all you gorgeous Planet Minecrafters! How's everyone doing today? We don't want anyone to miss out on the community organized contests and events that are ending soon, so here's a list! Support our fellow PMC Members and sign up for one (or more) today, before it's too late!


    Wildcard_Gamer has a really cool, unique topic for their skin contest, the System Error Contest, and is looking for more participants! You still have one week left. This one is fun and challenging, so if you're up for a good time and want to try something different, this is for you!

    Antleric's skin contest, Jobs and Careers, also ends in a little over a week! Create a skin of an actual real-life job or a made up one!

    Not looking for a contest? Something more relaxed? You should check out DinowCookie's Greek God's Community Skin Collection! This one ends on August 25! Pick your Greek God, Muse, Moirai or Demigod!

    PMCer: *sigh* "but I don't skin!"

    oyelloe is running a writing contest that ends August 25! The theme is "A Trip"! Write about a trip you've been on, a trip you want to go on, or come up with something totally imaginary! let your mind...wander! Be creative! Let's see what you got!

    PMCer: *meh* "but I don't skin OR write!"

    SushiKay is hosting a DRAWING contest! Digital and traditional artists are both allowed! You have one week left to draw something that fits the theme Honeybee! Buzz buzz!

    PMC's official skin contest Super Villains ends August 27th and the

    If you feel like you need more time to create something, or any of these contest don't suit your fancy, check out the Community Event Calendar for a list of other contests and their end dates!

    P.S. We updated PMCSkin3D. Yay for Hybrid and 2D mode!!
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    Karrthus said 2018-08-16 13:24:20
    wut if we don't skin write or draw #thinkingOfEveryone





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