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About Historic Shipbuilding & myself

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Here at Historic Shipbuilding, our main goal is to recreate moments of the past. Given the interests of the people within our group. This will mainly, but not always have a deep connection with ships. Rather than just build a ship we aim to recreate photo's where possible to bring those iconic moments back to the present day.

Involving people of the community that being Minecraft, Ocean liner or general history is a big part of what we do. Whilst builds wont be all too often due to the amount of time that goes into projects like these, please do follow along for our next release.

Want to look around yourself? Whilst we wont be offering world download files, we do build on a public server based in the UK and will soon be opening a easy way for you to join and look around yourself.
~Swanky & Pranay

About myself,

I am 21 years old, live in the Netherlands and went to school in Rotterdam. I love all ships but dutch ships the most. My personal favourite ship is the SS Nieuw Amsterdam (1938) but a really close second will always be Titanic.

Want to learn more? Please don't be affraid to contact me!


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