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    - My Discord Server:

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    Prynovia Survival, primarily, was created for the community of Beyond Enchanted Lights- a free-roam, member driven, Discord role-play based around the magic and fantasy genres. However, we have recently decided to expand and become something much more. On our newly refurbished Discord server, not only will we provide the same role-play experience as we did before- lores and all. But we will now also create even more fun for the fellow minecrafter's in our community.
    Prynovia Survival is a 1.14 minecraft server based around the survival game-mode. We are still in the early stages of creation, but we want you to join our journey along the way. Although they may follow themes, some events, and also share the same Discord server as Beyond Enchanted Lights- Prynovia Survival is still something that stands alone. This being said, Prynovia survival can provide crates, warps, auctions, shops, leaderboards, McMMO, grief prevention, the occasional giveaway, a friendly community, helpful staff, and much more! Our aim is to become a community that everyone can enjoy no matter the age group or where they come from. We value, and respect our members in the highest possible way we can- and our staff are here to help our community along the way.With our server being merged with both our role-play and our minecraft server, this means that our staff is split in to separate teams. These teams being global staff, role-play staff, minecraft staff, site staff, and graphics staff. Each team will have their own staff area on our Discord server; supplying them with separate jobs and permissions. Each team will also have their own hierarchy/ladder of high and low; with staff working their way upward from Moderator to the Sr.Mod, Admin, and higher ranks.The staff team you are here to apply for today will be our Minecraft Staff Team. So, if you're still interested, please fill out and send your application found here:
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