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    Hi All Bodies! I'm Puppy Rae!

    I have known of Minecraft's existence since it was first released, however at the time, gaming was not my priority. I did enjoy watching my partner at the time play and I always wanted to play, I just couldn't for... reasons.

    Fast forward to Pandemic.. the END of CIVILIZATION as Conservatives know it. I had just moved in with my two partners and their kids, becoming one big happy family. Our oldest child loves playing video games and he was the one that reintroduced Minecraft to me. Well, first he introduced it to one of my partners and then I got into it. As a family full of queer neurodivergent individuals, Minecraft has actually helped us socialize with others like us during the continuing Pandemic. I went from a licensed professional to learning more about my mental and emotional health needs and becoming a gamer. Now, I spend my days helping raise our two kids, play Minecraft, working on social media content as well as YouTube videos, and learning about me. I plan on streaming soon just as soon as I finally work up the nerves to do it.

    I first played on Bedrock and I was hooked immediately. Granted, after playing 24/7 for a few months on a phone, my eyes and wrists really started to feel the effects of gaming. I switched over the Java Edition with my partner and I haven't looked back. I still enjoy Bedrock when I do have to leave the house for appointments and I have time to kill before doing anything but nothing beats Java Edition and having access to all the versions PLUS a large screen and full keyboard.

    In terms of Minecraft game play, I am still a noob to survival as I mostly play in Peaceful so I don't die lol. I do have a Hardcore world waiting for me! So wish me luck! I have fallen in love with redstone and working with the many circuits to create various builds. While I have only been playing the game for less than a year at the time of writing this (1/25/2022), I have gotten into the Create Mod with Forge and exploring video editing gameplay with the Replay Mod with Fabric.

    I will be revamping my social media presence as well as updating my YouTube channel soon. I hope you all enjoy the upcoming series I will have on there.

    While you can find me across various social media platforms, here is a few FYIs.

    My Twitter is a personal account. You'll see Furry tweets, day in the life of me tweets, Minecraft, programming, and everything under the sun that I enjoy.

    Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok is dedicated strictly to Minecraft and me as a creator. You may still see some day in the life of me content on TikTok and IG from time to time.

    Discord is a great way to chat me.

    Reddit... because, well, Reddit.

    Thank you for subscribing to my profile! I will be posting Minecraft skins and Schematics for you to use in your own worlds! I would love to hear your feedback!

    Name: Puppy Rae #puppyraeminecrafter
    Pronouns: They/She
    Java or Bedrock: Java
    Goals: Build schematics and worlds to share with you all
    Favorite Mod: Create Mod with Curse Forge and Replay with Fabric
    Why is your Twitch for "Mature" Audiences? Because I fucking swear all the time in my verbal communication!
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