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    I do take suggestions but I'm currently not making skins for PMC that often.

    Suggestions mean that I most likely won't make it. They are an inspiration for future skins. I am looking for creative ideas, fancy character outfits, real life outfits that aren't too basic, etc. I enjoy challenging myself.

    Please do not give me a suggestion if you NEED it done. Please do not pester me about it if I say that I added it into my inspiration list. That does not mean that I will make it. Also, I'm sick of being asked to reskin your basic teen skins. I would rather see an actual picture of the real clothing.

    Alterations can be a suggestion. Examples would be: Steve/Alex, no body layers as to support older versions, eyes, mouth, small details, and etc.

    Recolours can also be a suggestion. Re-coloured clothing is fine to suggest and I might make it if it's not too complicated. For skin, I will NOT make a dark toned skin into a light toned skin, I might if it's a different shade of dark tone. However, I will think about it if you want a light toned skin to be darker or really dark toned. This is because PMC needs more variety for darker skin tones and asking for a dark skin tone to turn white is just racist.

    Thank you. (:
    Please report the stolen skin if you find it on another skin website or another user posted it. Also, please link in the comments the page to my skin post. I only post the downloads on this site.

    🎨 Hello! 🎨

    Welcome to my profile!

    Here I bring to you curves and realism in a world full of blocks!

    Quality > Quantity!

    Currently making skins for the Minecraft Marketplace! Might not post on PMC much anymore.

    πŸ’š My BF πŸ’š
    He does family friendly game streams

    I Am:
    Female | Christian | Skinner | Artist | Cat lover | Gamer | Friendly | Silly | Perfectionist
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    πŸŽ„Merry Christmas! My Secret Santa Gift for PixelFrosty!πŸŽ„
    Shego With Awesome Glowy Fists!
    🐱 Kitten Mittens 🐱
    Burning Rose
    Auroyal - for Icy's Skin Fusion Contest 2
    Strawberry Icecream
    Blue Crystalline - Limited Palette Skin Contest - Third Place!!
    Tomoe Gozen - Skin Contest 9th Place!
    Ruby - Moving Eyes!  (3 Alts: Lute, Steve, -1.8)
    Tropical Ocean - Moving Eyes! - One Piece & Coverup in Desc.
    A Hike in the Forest - Moving Eyes!
    Brainzzzzz...  (Human & Zombie Replacement Texture In Desc.)
    Milky Way (Chocolate Bar Version In Desc.)
    Rawr! Me has teddy bear! (Head Command Inside)
    Sari, Not Sari. - Moving eyes! -Recolours Inside!
    Heart of the Woods (Into the Woods Contest 26th Place!)
    Sweet Strawberry Blonde Country Cutie! She has moving eyes! (Modest version in description)
    Tan Summer Girl With Ombre Hair Wearing a Bikini. She Has Moving Eyes!  --> Much Better in 3D!!
    (Brown and White in Desc.) Black and Green Lacy Dress With High Heels!
    The New Girl (AKA me) --> Looks Better in 3D!
    Doctor Quack - Bin Skin Contest
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    Info. Read if you're interested in making one.
    I will post all fan art/skins of me/my skins to my profile right here! If you want to base it off of me, use this skin as a guide. :D Thanks again you amazing artists!

    If you change your username please let me know so that your profile link can be updated. Why wouldn't you want a free profile advertisement...?
    Fan Art of Doctor Quack
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