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Journeyman Artist
  • *throws in face* Haha, sucker!

    -=Hello, Welcome, 'Sup, whatever you wanna say.=-
    =-You can call me Foxy, Saanvi, saanita, whatever you prefer.=-
    =-So here we go!=-
    =-*back-flips into another dimension*=-
    =-*yells* By the way, this is as interesting as my intro gets!=-

    --Female - Scorpio - Saanvi--

    "Black hair, the colour of soot, caresses her face. A creamy torn dress limply hangs off her willowy body. She tries to touch my wife, but it's almost like she's in pain. I feel like throwing up. "
    --Ghost Girl

    "Depression is like a puppy. I didn't know it's name and invited it in. Worse mistake I could ever do. It consumes me and corrupts my mind like a plague. I hate it."

    "I regret treating them so bad, and now I would of done anything to reserve it. All anyone ever sees now is a human failure. That's all I am, aren't I...?"
    --The Girl I Used To Be

    "So that way, I will not drown like the others, fall into a hole of no return. I will not be broken when the other leaves, because no one is there. I am not going to fall under the waves and die, because I am standing on the pavement. If I ever get interested, I banish all the thoughts and flush them down the fire."

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