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Im planning to build a giant map featuring a steampunk city with extreme detail (main attraction), other smaller towns around the map, random boats and airships, ancient ruins, and resource extraction facilities (mines, farms, logging etc..). The main city will be situated inside an extinct volcanic caldera on a coast (like Pompeii but bigger and safer) which the city will use as a geothermal power source in the lore.

**The City:**

Even though I haven't got a name yet I've got a lot of specific concepts to integrate into the city plan but I'm open to suggestions and ideas from u guys. So far I've got: train system that sprawls throughout the city with a main station, docks (water and air), varying architecture depending on the class of the neighborhood, factories (probably near docks) a logical street system. fantastical terrain in some parts (like the giant cliff surrounding half the city), varied height (for building more interesting layouts and providing a realistic way to separate the wealth classes) street names and address's, some markets for trades and craftsmen, a park, churches, an observatory, monuments (fountains, statues, ruins), museum, library, citadel, slums, river and streams and even interiors to the hundreds of buildings planned. HOWEVER I encourage you guys to give any criticisms or suggestions to add to this city or add on to the already stated concepts above :)

**Surrounding Area:**

Farms will be plentiful outside the city, as well as the aforementioned resource extraction facilities such as mines and logging camps. The big city won't be alone either. camps and small villages will be in the surrounding landscape. I will do my best to create a sense of history as well so random ruins and other strange structures will be out there. Aaand what's a map without some hidden secrets? ;)


First off, I've got WorldPainter, World Edit along with itls highlight tool, optifine and shaders for the fun of it. However should I switch to Voxelsniper or does it not really matter?


Also is there any recommended youtube building channels for fantasy maps. Or even downloadable maps I can observe and get inspiration from. (I've come back from a long minecraft break and haven't adapted to the new community)
(building in 1.12.2 since WP and mods aren't updated yet)

**!!All of The Above is subject to change and is welcoming of suggestions from you guys!!**

**Random Answers to hypothetical Questions:**

* how long will it take?
* **over a few years but if you ever want an update I'll be sure to provide details with pictures**

* why should I give this map any attention compared to the many others just like it?
* **I will build a house in the city for each and every user who participates in this an any way, with the name above the address, also It will be generally fun for everyone and appreciated by me**
* how can I see your progress more reliably?
* **I would like to make a video log series on it, maybe on youtube but my living situation right now combined with school and a lack of money makes that hard and I might either resort to a normal blog or starting the video series longer after I started. Twitch sounds like a good idea too...**
* Is there anything we can help with
* **I'm very open to new ideas, criticism, and discussing about it with you guys, as for the building itself, not much. I plan to build it completely solo and I'm not fluent in the innerworkings of multiplayer, but that can change**
* Will there be a download?
* **OF COURSE! there would be no point of all this hard work and participation if I couldn't share it with you guys (I'll have a new download every month or so to showcase progress and allow followers to review it)**
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