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    contentkid_inc posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    May 15, 2022, 1:14 pm to Public
    dude your one of the best builders i have seen
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    PsioPsia001 posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    November 27, 2021, 12:23 pm to Public
    Congrats for 1000 subs!
    Roman_95 said 2021-12-02 12:33:27
    Thank you!
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    RamenBard posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    July 5, 2021, 6:04 pm to Public
    948 subs :D.it has been a long journey,congrats
    Roman_95 said 2021-07-15 14:48:30
    Heh, thank you. Come back when its 1000 )
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    Ender The Cat posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    March 27, 2021, 5:25 pm to Public
    Congrats on 900 subs
    Roman_95 said 2021-03-27 17:53:51
    Oh indeed, thank you!
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    AkioHiro posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    March 23, 2021, 3:16 pm to Public
    When the High Grandmaster is Dragon
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    GoldenGlider posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    March 23, 2021, 3:03 pm to Public
    someone said to check you out- and I clicked on your page expecting someone underrated, then saw you had almost 900 subs. thought, "oh, not so underrated ig" THEN I SAW UR WORK AND WENT WOAH WHY DONT THEY HAVE 100000 SUBS
    Roman_95 said 2021-03-27 09:37:07
    Some works are really underrated. Еspecially for the last project. Idk why. Рrobably its boring, easy and everyone can repeat it. (Sarcasm)
    ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯
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    DodgeVader66 posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    March 19, 2021, 9:20 am to Public
    do you make skins?
    Roman_95 said 2021-03-19 10:17:03
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    User3358263G posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    February 14, 2021, 9:23 am to Public
    1.17 build height can let you make your builds even bigger!! >:3 XD
    Roman_95 said 2021-02-15 02:18:18
    No. Mcedit doesn't support it.
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    DominoFirey posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    January 3, 2021, 6:25 pm to Public
    You should try to create the massive Lao-Shan Lung from Monster Hunter Freedom unite, it's the cutest elder dragon ever! Experiencing it in the game shows it's true nature of how i would imagine one of your massive dragons if they moved. There's also the Ashen Lao shan, which it's red scales turn azure because the female Lao shan stands under volcano debris for decades and defies the color of it's scales.
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    User3358263G posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    January 1, 2021, 11:00 pm to Public
    Just wanted to say, I love how your dragons are colossal! And not just in minecraft blocks.... you always put them in custom landscapes and add custom-made trees, and you always have the dragons just loom over... everything. Most of your dragons have toenails larger than the trees, and their hindpaws tower over nearby mountains. I dunno, Something about seeing a row of very tall trees and then seeing a massive dragon behind them, with even its feet barely obscured by them, gets me really really excited!! :D

    But that's not all... I especially love the destructive dragons. I mean, of course such a huge dragon would be ripping up the environment around them, on purpose or not. So... ones like "Verdigris Dragon", "When Size Matters", "Ender Dragon 2.0" and "Terracotta Dragon", where the dragons have big mounds of dirt at their feet and are kicking up huge clouds of dust. You can just imagine, the dragon is minding its own buisness and uncaringly stamping huge footprints in the terrain and trampling hundreds of poor trees >:3. Even the ones where you can't see they're destroying anything, I can imagine all the ground and trees squished beneath their plump bodies... their gigantic legs almost look like they're built for crushing things, haha.

    But on this front I think the best one is "Snake Dragon". You can tell the dragon had to pass by, but in order to do it he had to smear this huge section of the forest into the ground, leaving a giant hole in the tree line. He's still even tearing up the topsoil as he moves into the plains! Looking in the furrow I can see a bunch of flattened trees, and on the edges of the path (and under his belly) there are some conifers that were bent out of the way but not completely crushed. There's so much detail and commitment to the environmental damage, and I just love it a lot!

    I think I'm done gushing about all these details you put in lol. But almost all of your dragon sculpts have these kinds of details that show off the dragons' immense size and weight! I can't help but imagine you like including these details too, but maybe I'm just paying attention to the wrong places.... so I wanna ask, do you like including them? Anyhow, I love all the dragons you've brought here, and happy new year!!!!!
    User3358263G replied to Roman_95's comment below 2021-02-28 00:14:53
    Sure, I'll talk in DMs then soon! :3
    Roman_95 replied to User3358263G's comment below 2021-02-17 17:48:38
    You can chat in derect messages if you want. User3358263G
    I also wanted to add she to the banner to hold something in hand, but there was not enough space. I try to do different poses and actions. And all dragons are made so that with each you can make some kind of scene or combine several in one, as in the banner.
    What about legs, then yes, I pay special attention to them. Heh. is it too noticeable? )
    User3358263G replied to Roman_95's comment below 2021-01-03 23:37:48
    Yay, my overenthusiasm got me something! XD I guess not a lot of people talk about this side of your sculpts, but for me it's one of the things that make them so amazing to look at!

    Looking at some of your dragons again, there are some details I'm still noticing in some of them. Like in "Verdigris Dragon", I only now noticed the ridges outlining the dragon's footprints behind it, and in Trip to the Dragon's Lair the dragon is smugly toppling some trees with his arm and paws, while shredding the dirt with his claws. Every detail I notice just makes the scene better (and, importantly, makes the dragons look bigger and more powerful 8D )!

    I also had a closer look at your banner, where I see you gave some of your dragons a size boost :). And while they're busy terrorizing a group of not-so-huge dragons, they're lounging unawares on top of some forests and even a town! Who knows how many buildings and people they already crushed into the ground... the red dragon's even fiddling with a mansion between his toes. The buildings next to his foot probably aren't gonna be there much longer! >:D Then there's the Terracotta Dragon in the back, who looks like he has some plans for that mountain range. :P They all look so mischievious, a perfect emotion for dragons as gargantuan and dominant as them, and also as pretty as them!

    Is there anything in particular that you want to see the dragons do, or loom over, or crush? And is there any part of the dragon that's your favorite, to flatten things with and just to look at? Kinda like I said before, they look like their hind legs (especially the thighs) and their paws are really huge, thick and built for crushing! But anyway, I'm excited to hear the details are deliberate :3. I'm glad I can enjoy your stuff the same way you do, heh!
    Roman_95 said 2021-01-03 17:01:41
    This is the best gb post, thank you! c:
    "So I wanna ask, do you like including them?" Yes i always doing this. I like it.
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    Ender The Cat posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    November 4, 2020, 5:37 pm to Public
    Wow you are the exact opposite of me. Good at getting large scale (haha scale lol) stuff done
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    TomConn posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    July 13, 2020, 5:33 am to Public
    799 subs...
    I can fix that!
    Roman_95 said 2020-07-13 18:58:20
    Thanks for fixing (⌐■‿■)╭☞
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    Fqsh posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    June 13, 2020, 2:03 pm to Public
    Foxx- said 2020-06-17 15:02:10
    Roman_95 said 2020-06-13 14:29:48
    Thank you! 🙂
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    Aqre posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    May 2, 2020, 2:31 pm to Public
    This is my first guest book post, so I wanted to reserve my first post for you: I think you're work is astonishing in every way. Keep up your hard work!
    Roman_95 said 2020-05-02 14:42:53
    Thank you 🤤
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    RookiePlayer posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    May 2, 2020, 10:37 am to Public
    Hi, Roman_95!

    Just want to take some time to say that your work is amazing!
    Sorry if this sounds too similar to Wolf_with_Scarf, I just agree with him/her.

    Do you like coffee, specifically espresso?

    Do you use a world editor, alongside Paint 3D, or something of that matter?

    Do you use Java, or Bedrock (alongside IOBit)

    And finally,
    d o y o u h a v e g o o d g r a m m a r ? (My subscribers and chat-friends will get what I'm saying here)
    RookiePlayer replied to Roman_95's comment below 2020-05-02 11:43:26
    Ah, thank you for responding!
    Roman_95 said 2020-05-02 11:31:23
    Thank you :)

    - I like cofee
    - I using Mcedit
    - Java only
    - I dont know Eng grammar cuz i am not English speaker, but i trying to lern it
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    Wolf_with_Scarf posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    April 30, 2020, 10:43 am to Public
    Hello! I am Wolf_with_Scarf. I just stop by to say that all of your work are really fantastic!

    Would you mind if I asking some question?

    -How did you create your builds? It look like it came straight out of a 3D modeling program. I guess that you made a model in 3D modeling program and export it as a model file and then convert it into Minecraft schematic somehow..... (I might be wrong.)

    -Do you have any advice on building a large scale building like you work? I have seen a lots of good builder like you build a really cool large detailed building but, when I tried myself. It usually take a really long time and end up looking not as good as I wish it to be.....

    -Do you like bread?

    I am apologize for disturbing you.....

    With respect ~Wolf_with_Scarf.
    Wolf_with_Scarf replied to Roman_95's comment below 2020-05-02 21:46:20
    Thank you very much for answering my question...
    Roman_95 replied to Wolf_with_Scarf's comment below 2020-05-02 11:26:10
    I using MCedit Pretty simple interface and it doesnt use many resources BUUT not higher than 1.12.2.
    I using MCedit 2 only for rotating or rescale objects, no more.
    Wolf_with_Scarf replied to Roman_95's comment below 2020-04-30 20:56:14
    Thank for your answer and advice...

    If you're using MCedit. What version did you currently using? I have tried the newest 2.0 version in the past. The User Interface is really confusing and there isn't many tutorial on how to use it at the time I tried using it...

    Also is there anyways to optimize MCedit to make it run faster on older conputer? The last time I tried using it. It's really laggy...

    Also, also is there anyways to make MCedit compatible with modern Minecraft version? On the official website for MCedit said that it only supported up to Minecraft version 1.11...

    I am apologize for disturbing you again.....

    With respect ~Wolf_with_Scarf
    Roman_95 said 2020-04-30 14:54:03
    -No, converting is sin. All builds created in Mcedit by hand.
    -its never be fast. Аnd of course from the first time it will not be an ideal result, this is normal. below organic builds you can see imgur link with progress. Maybe it will help you.
    - i like bread 🍞
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    Roman_95 posted to their guest book.
    April 26, 2020, 3:27 pm to Public
    Sometimes I thinking "why am I doing all this?"
    Uknownymous replied to Roman_95's comment below 2020-04-29 04:29:37
    Well, that's fair enough~. Just glad to know you read it at all. xD Many don't, so that'll do for me.
    Roman_95 replied to Uknownymous's comment below 2020-04-29 04:24:37
    I even don't know what to say, heh.
    Uknownymous said 2020-04-27 12:42:34
    The reason to do everything you do is usually because you want to. In some way, for some reason or another, you want to. Perhaps because it's easier to do it, perhaps because it's less troublesome to do things, perhaps because you find happiness in it or want another to feel an emotion from something, and so on- The reason's are the menial in the moment "I felt like it" reasons, usually. o: So when you look back and question the purpose of it all, well, it can get confusing, because there's no deeper purpose to your own actions than your own thoughts, so you give it purpose yourself. It's a good question to find the answer to. :)
    Also I wish I could give more diamonds and favourites. This is the first time I've ever had to stop favouriting builds. You've got so many favouritable builds. Just- awesome.
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    DinowCookie posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    February 28, 2020, 11:28 am to Public
    Roman_95 said 2020-02-28 16:48:23
    Nice! 😁
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    Whiteout- posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    January 19, 2020, 9:08 am to Public
    Roman do you read Wings of fire? because one of your builds is a RainWing.
    Roman_95 said 2020-01-20 01:32:47
    No i didn't read it
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    Ayber posted to guest book of Roman_95 avatar Roman_95
    January 17, 2020, 12:15 pm to Public
    ты делаешь надеюсь этих дракош без прог, только плагинами/модами строительными? если да то твои творения еще вдвойне круче чем уже есть
    Ayber said 2020-01-19 12:42:52
    Ayber said 2020-01-19 12:42:36
    Да, круто, я даже не думал о таком шикарном применении mcedit, в детстве баловался им только потому что не знал о том что можно сказать world edit как мод.
    Roman_95 said 2020-01-19 05:28:15
    под каждым проектом есть ссылка на имгур с прогрессом
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