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    Welcome to my profile!

    I'm a big fan of building large-scale fantasy projects. Currently I'm working on a massive cathedral (mixed in with some fantasy hehehe).
    Personally I strive for getting as close to perfection as my capabilities allow in a build, and try to scale up everytime I start a new project. Therefore, completing a build takes a very long time (especially with exams on its way ;_;) so don't expect uploads often.

    One of the founders of the former Elrinir Team.

    -Do you want to join my buildteam?
    No. If I would want to join a buildteam I would apply on my own initiative, so please spare me these pm's.
    -Do you want to build on/for my server?
    No, I don't do commissions. I build for fun, not for money. Therefore I want to spend my time on my own projects.
    -Can I use your build as a spawn/whatever on my server?
    As long as you credit me by linking to this page, and if I provided a download on PMC then by all means, go ahead.
    -What shaders did you use for your ingame screenshots?
    Either rudoplays or the seus shader.
    -Wtf! Why do you have a mooshroom skin!??
    This is why:

    (picture by lewdOoze)
    Aren't they cute!!??

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