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ondemand_video PMC YouTubers Section

CraftedMovie on Youtube

Subscribers: 397,000
Videos: 122

Hello! We are CraftedMovie and we make short minecraft videos! Strangely enough, some of them are surprisingly appreciated.


CraftedMovie isn't just one person, we are a team. Some of them left, but here's everyone:

Active members:
- Salted, the cow: Editing, sound editing, music, scenario, acting, filming & directing
- BouledeNeige, the colored man: Scenario, acting & skins
- Grian, the link guy: Sceneries, acting & scenario
- Qcblastar, the camera in a suit: Acting
- Bluesbreakers, the sheep: Acting

Inactive members:
- Marke002, the naked man
- Beardpuller, the guy with a beard
- Tazjuniorr, the pig

Thanks to WeegeeZ, Fluffytea and LuxioTenorio for some drawings!


Here's what we use to make our videos:
- Bandicam/Fraps for recording
- Vegas Pro for editing
- Logic Pro for the music

Latest videos

  • Minecraft - OUT OF HAND
    Get the song for FREE: Yo! No bloopers this time, as Boule accidentally only recorded his own voice and he sounded like a crazy man talking to himself. Hope you still enjoy...

    posted 06/25/2015 2:54 pm

  • Minecraft - THE OUTBREAK
    Get the song for free: BLOOPERS: Yo! Here's a video! I (Salted) decided to take a bit of time to do this video, as it was planned ...

    posted 01/18/2015 10:17 pm

  • Wynncraft 1.12: The Mob Update - Animated Trailer
    Wynncraft IP: Website: So Wynncraft just got a huge update! We asked Preston and Andrew if they could animate a quick trailer for us, and it was so cool that w...

    posted 08/02/2014 6:20 pm

  • Minecraft Short - Suspicious Cake
    Short little video this time! I've worked on it for a few days now, making slight progress everyday. I hope you guys like it even if it's short! :D I think I'm the only one who find that Salted suspi...

    posted 06/22/2014 5:37 pm

  • Twitch Plays Minecraft
    BLOOPERS: This was probably the most silly filming session we ever did. Oh also, sorry for the lack of videos, we've been pretty busy with wynncraft and ot...

    posted 03/21/2014 8:44 pm

  • Minecraft MMO: Wynncraft - The Ocean Update
    Play Wynncraft now at No mods required! The server is in 1.7.2 IP: ---------------------------------------------------- Thanks to: LuxioCat, Emerly_Nicke...

    posted 11/22/2013 7:10 pm

  • Minecraft - The Slime
    BLOOPERS: Join our server! : | IP : What? 3 weeks without any videos? What are you guys talking about? ----------------...

    posted 10/09/2013 9:15 pm

  • Minecraft - How to Hit a Piñata
    BLOOPERS: Yo! It took us a while to upload a new video because we were working on a huge update for Wynncraft, but here was are again! --------------------...

    posted 09/15/2013 2:41 pm

  • Noobs in a Nutshell - Minecraft
    BLOOPERS: We almost made the entire video just for the last joke. Hehehe. --------------------------------------- FB: Twi...

    posted 08/17/2013 6:55 pm

  • What if Minecraft never existed?
    BLOOPERS: Yo. Sorry about the slighty quality loss (720p), but it seems that Vegas doesn't like to render in 1080p anymore. This video is about stuff! I don...

    posted 08/08/2013 1:26 pm

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