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Artisan Toast
  • l o v e

    that boy he's such a charmer

    ─skin requests ☓
    ─collabs ✓
    ─skin trades ✓
    ─edit requests☓

    pm me for information

    f a n ៹ t h i n g s

    bugs and their larva follow him

  • y o u

    he runs because he knows
    he cannot hide

    tea ៹ female ៹ virgo ↯˚

    ─love kpop and many other genres of music
    ─toss me food and i'll probably eat it
    ─trying to catch up with many animes :,)
    ─send me to a place with a lot of rain and i'll love you forever

    a modern desperado

    bts ៹ billie eillish ៹ dean lewis ៹ alec benjamin ៹ txt ៹ lewis capaldi
    ed sheeran ៹ ariana grande ៹ the rose ៹ ateez ៹ charlie puth

  • t o o

    ten thousand hearts in a bag

    o c ' s

    ─discord ៹ you wish#9287
    ─skindex ៹ umtaegi
    namemc ៹ shcrtea
    ─animo ៹ ⁩⁩ ⁩

    feel free to say hi, i don't bite :)

    s u p p o r t ៹ s t a m p s

    their bodies lying, he'll drag

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