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    I'm a goth university student from Hungary, learning agricultural engineering to be a plant doctor then to get a PhD. My life-goal is becoming father of 3 kids, having a glasshouse, mushroom cellar and owning small beer brewery for self sustaining reasons and to prepare for any kind of end-of-the-world scenario.
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      June 28, 2022, 12:09 pm to Public
      I know probably nobody is reading my wall posts but I feel tried, exhausted and blue typing this down for everyone who wants my data packs to be updated… every… damn… time.

      Short answer:

      So do I. But I don't have the resources to do so.

      Long answer:

      Last December my ex-bride who has been my bride for 3 years and we wanted to marry this autumn, then have out first child in 2023 suddenly broke up with me. I had a family that I never had, I had a future wife, I had cats that were my best friends and I talked to them for hours about my problems and psychological trauma, theories and science, I had a home, a house, I had a promising future. My ex-bride gave reasons and goals to me and she suddenly took them away. As long as she was with me, I poured my hatred into making data packs, to be somewhat useful to the community and soothe my anger. I was so shattered that I hanged myself on a walnut tree in the garden and my ex-mother-in-law saved my life by a thread then sent me into a mental asylum. I've been diagnosed with...stuff that I don't want to write down for reasons but you get me. This was my 23th suicide attempt (that nobody but my ex-bride knew about) for I've been born under a lucky star and even survived jumping in front of a moving train in 2015 and down from a bridge onto a frozen river from 15 meters in 2016. I I guess I'm a pretty sick guy. My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape. Never mind that. The point is that I'm a severely broken man. In February of 2022 my friends found out that my ex-bride has been cheating on me for months before she broke up with me but she wouldn’t tell me so either way for she preached for half a decade that she despises people who cheat and leave their partner even though they do everything in their power to make them happy. I asked only 3 things from her when we met for the first time. If she wants to be with me, she shall not lie, cheat on me, betray me for I’ll never do either. Then there she goes, doing all those simple things I asked of her not to do. That’s pretty much the reason why all my hopes and dreams went down the drain just like that. I had a horrible childhood if I even had one so I never had much hope in humanity and I’ve been wishing humankind to go extinct since I know my mind for it’s the cancer of Earth. Only my friends and partner are keeping me/kept me from going total doomer and post-human in views. Back on main topic, it’s summer and I’ve been telling everyone who has been asking when will I update my data packs that this summer or when update 1.19 is out I’ll do it, I’ll update them. But the truth is I’ve no idea how to do so. World generation is fickle compared to function data packs and I suck at coding for I’ve dyscalculia so all I can do is trial and error to see for myself what forks and what won’t. For 1.16 slicedlime, the Mojang developer who is responsible for world generation in Minecraft has made a few tutorial videos how to change and edit existing world generation which is my speciality. He is also the owner of vanilla worldgen, the data pack of world generation which is hardcoded into Minecraft and cannot be extracted just like that. So it’s entirely up to him how much Mojang lets us know about how world generation works for each version of the game. I’m quite adept for 1.16. But with the caves and cliffs and later the wild update world generation has changed drastically but since slicedlime or anyone else won’t share tutorials and examples how world generation works in 1.19 it’s extremely hard for a guy like me, who has daily 1-2 hours of freetime besides work, university, girlfriend to learn how world generation works this way if not impossible. This is the main reason why I hadn’t updated my data packs for 1.19 yet for I don’t know how to and I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn how to do that. From what? When? I’ll tell you, I don’t know. I want to update my packs, I want to learn how to do it but it seems I cannot. There is no deadline for the foreseeable future when will I update my data packs. Sorry, not sorry folks. I don’t know what else to say. This confession has meant nothing.

      Secret answer:

      "We live in a society (where honor is a distant memory)…"
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