mmmm sushi
  • wijit thingie

    aha yes it is indeed me

    look at this guys

    Things peeps made me

    Give a round of a claps to my boi Diiby
    Beauty is within~

    Me in dragon form by Scout the Sprout this is beautiful I was so suprised

    And Empty space I might fill in 2022 cus y e s (okay so it is 2022 and I still haven't filled anything ;-;)
    Oh but in the meantime take these picrews

    picrew cus Y E S

    idk about you but these won't show up for me (just incase they do show up im keeping them but here are some other ones:)

    If my hair was straightened it would be this long so people who know my real hair length s h u s h

    I think I look kewl in this don't you think?

    also these are by Lacunia please check them out!

    If I ever do come back then I might make my profile food themed just so you know 👀

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    random bullet points
    • Food lover

    • Food maker

    • food eater

    • sanrio lover for sure (has nothing to do with food but look it up)

    a link?? :0
    https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/slime_payazz/wall/post/331252/ (DON'T CLICK LINK TOTALLY NOTHING SUSPICIOUS!!!1!!11!1!)

    (This used to be emoticons now it's my support stamps cus y e s)

    Made by Ekin7K because again, yesss.

    This was arranged by Lacunia! good ol fren of mine, people are too nice to me so I have two support stamps, use whichever you want they're both my support stampss.

    Take this extremely good render by VTEMP:

    im like inactive but imma come back again one day

    also dm me sometime cus why not
  • Lolz

    Some nugatory appellations

    yes, I do indeed have a link to my planet minecraft account on my planet minecraft account

    Community Trophy Set

    Kaos_Kitten's Ultraviolet Skin Contest!
    The first contest I've ever been in :D

    My first ever 1st place Trophy :0 from MoonAstraea's
    Galactic Galaxy Contest!

    Trophy from Diamond Distributor's Contest (i don't thnk it had a name other than "Diamond distributor needs youuuuu" (It didn't say that but who cares)

    As you can see here, it's a big envelope. Cus I've been invited to ZappyGru's Super Pmc Fighters! Here you should go check it out :3

    That's all, but I'm P R O U D

    Useless film info
    Favorite Musical: The Sound of Music
    Favorite Claymation: Isle of Dogs
    Favorite live action movie: Pans Labyrinth (Or at least I think so)
    Favorite documentary: Not sure
    Favorite Show: Love Death Robots
    Favorite Anime: Can't be sure but I like Dragon Ball (every dragon ball show except dragon ball super) A movie called A Whisker Away, Toilet Bound Hanako Kun (The manga and the anime) um what else-
    Favorite cartoon: N/A

    I can beat you in a pie making competition try me
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