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    Most of the older submissions on this account do not express my current architectural style.

    Classical and traditional architecture is my passion! I love to design houses, often building my ideas in Minecraft, as you can see on this page. I am a history major concentrating in historic preservation in college, and I hope to eventually get a Masters in Architecture and open a firm. Besides that, I love finish carpentry, and you can bet that my future houses in real life will have plenty of custom woodwork in them!

    In Architecture, I am inspired by the proportions and rhythms of traditional and classical architecture, and all the different ways they can be used to create a building that is unique and beautiful. I love 18th- and 19th-century cities and love to hang out in historic town centers.

    I have been told before to use texture packs and shaders. I do not use packs and shaders because I view them as an impediment to the usability and versatility of my builds. I believe my buildings will be the most accessible if I work with what Vanilla Minecraft offers.
    The only change I would suggest making to your Minecraft rendering is, if you use Optifine, to disable glass smoothing. A visible glass grid is an important architectural feature in the traditional/classical architecture that I build. As you can see in my cover photo, the presence of the lines on the glass enhances its appearance and makes it more convincing as a historic building. When older buildings' gridded windows are replaced with modern un-gridded windows, it always causes the building to look less lively, and therefore detracts from its character.

    I play on the server Iciclecraft!
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