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    -F2U- Hot Pink Landscape by RariJacks

    I'm StrawberryPeaches
    The most tired person on earth

    [icon] Molang Ice Cream Cone by peachkonpeito

    Spread some love~!

  • +|F2U|+ Rose-gold Cityscape by RariJacks
    I'm a Night mime. I don't sleep, I'm awake in the nighttime
    I stay on here when the moon shines bright
    then I sleep when it's daylight
    +* Requests *+
    Open Pink by 82bee
    +* Skin trades *+
    Closed Pink by 82bee
    +* collabs *+
    Open Pink by 82bee

    +* I'm *+
    +* C r e a t v e *+

    ftu // coffee with plant by smotdead

  • -F2U- Rosey Space by RariJacks

    I make edits! you can request me to do edits

    I do
    Shading edits - yes
    'Instagram heart' edits - yes
    Video 'Instagram' edits - no
    Meme edits - ..maybe
    Skin edits - ..maybe?

    Pink Notebook :F2U: by avaKados
    Ideas and stuff to do

    -update some of my oc's
    -finish a 'chibi' skin pack
    -make a video
    -make a hang-out discord?


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