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Strawberry Raptor on Youtube

Strawberry Raptor
Subscribers: 220
Videos: 73

🌈 Any pronouns | Genderfluid | Bisexual 🌈

Hi! I'm Halle, or you can call me Hal. I make videos about art, ASMR, gaming, and much more. In the future I am hoping to make better videos about tutorials an such, but for now I am just a small youtuber.

See Linktree for link to RedBubble, Amino, etc.

Latest videos

  • Demon painting | TikTok
    This one was cute too! App is TikTok I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC: Cavetown - Devil town Check this out!: Merch- Minecraft Website- htt...

    posted 07/15/2019 3:01 pm

  • Alien painting | TikTok
    I love the glitter I used for this one App is TikTok I DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC: Marina & the Diamonds - Primadonna (Kat Krazy Remix) Check this out!: Merch-...

    posted 07/15/2019 2:36 pm

  • TikTok | My Chemical Romance meme
    I love this so much App is TikTok Check this out!: Merch- Minecraft Website- Thanks for watching and remember to like and subscribe!

    posted 07/14/2019 10:10 am

  • Cancer | Drawing Zodiac Signs as Girls
    I'm soooo sorry about the quality, I don't know how that happened 😭 I DO NOT OWN MUSIC! Music: Vance Joy - 'Riptide' Other music is Honey from the yout...

    posted 07/13/2019 2:14 pm

  • Leo | Drawing Zodiac Signs as Girls
    Hi guys! Today I drew Leo for my new drawing zodiac signs as girls series. Stay tuned for more videos! Recorded with Screencast-O-Matic Edited with Sony Vegas Pro Thumbnail made in Adobe Spark and f...

    posted 07/12/2019 6:40 am

  • GMOD w/ friends
    Game: Garry's Mod

    posted 07/02/2019 8:07 pm

  • GMOD w/ friends
    Game: Garry's Mod

    posted 07/02/2019 7:30 pm

  • Chibi Sprite | Animation | THANK YOU FOR 200 SUBS!
    Thank you all so much! I never thought I would get this far with my channel. Sorry for the lack of content, I've been busy with art block and other problems. I hope to get some more videos out soon! ...

    posted 06/25/2019 2:29 pm

  • Poly Bridge but I don't know how bridges work
    and i oop- Game: Poly Bridge Music/Sound: Poly Bridge

    posted 06/30/2019 5:54 pm

  • Poorly photoshopping memes but I've never used photoshop
    pls help Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (I do NOT own the music) Music:

    posted 06/24/2019 3:18 am



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