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Master Pirate
  • ~ Ahoy Mates! ~

    Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark
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    Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark"Remember Not Forget To Stop and Smell the Flowers"Spring Flower Bullet by GentleLark

    Blossom Tree by ChaoticallyWicked

    Blossom Tree by ChaoticallyWicked

  • ~ Welcome Aboard ~

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    Welcome to me Black Sapphire me mates!
    Hop on board to adventure out to the Seven Seas.

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    ~Name meaning~
    Logan: "Little Hollow"
    Luigi: "Re-owned Fighter"

    ~Friends call me~
    Capin' Logan
    Jack Frost


    Captain Logan Camelot
    (Pixel art made by len-kun)
    Flint Mclantic

    James Peterson

    Love Autumn and Fall.
    Snowflake Pixel by VinnityLove Winter too.Snowflake Pixel by Vinnity
    SailboatLight by CrookedAntlersLove Everything that has to do with the Ocean and Sea.SailboatLight by CrookedAntlers
    Turtle pixel 2 by Albino-BroccoliLove God!!Turtle pixel 2 by Albino-Broccoli

    F2U|Decor|Anime Nature #4 by Mairu-Doggy

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    It really means a lot to me!
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    Street Light - Pixel Art by LunaHazee
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  • ~ On the Black Sapphire ~

    ⛵ Me Crew ⛵

    Blossom Tree by ChaoticallyWicked

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    OC - Commander Wistin
    OC - Sir.Roland
    This is Me. (30 Subscribers)
    OC - Surprise Skin (Believer)
    OC - Logan (My Undertale Character)
    OC - James Peterson (My Contest and 62 subscribers) Popular Reel. 🎥
    OC - Captain Old Salt
    🐎 Μεℜιδα (Fanskin and Request)
    Meet the Skinner - OC - Logan 'James Hook' Camelot (Pirate's Life Contest)
    OC - Sensei Herobrine
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Vamps
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Flint Mclantic (150 skin) Yea!!! 🎉
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Vamps (At Night)
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Clint Lloyd "We'll be counting stars...." Popreel 🎥
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Water Sorcerer (Request from artsywyo)
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Headless Horseman (Urban Legends 🎃)
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Newt Timberland (Western Contest Entry)
    ⚔ Λοgαη ⚓ OC - Georgey the Magnificent - "Pure Imagination"
    Skintober 2018:: DAY THREE - pumpkin
    ⚜Λμιςι⚜ - Mr. L, The Green Thunder! (Entry for Naimarra's Contest)
    ⚜Λμιςι⚜ - Николай/Nikolay (Russian Soldier) (CE)
    Something Big~ [RQ]
    We Own the Night~ [FS]
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    • Bowmanimmortal posted to guest book of SuperLuigi77
      May 15, 2019, 6:44 pm to Public
      'Ey mate. Haven't seen ye in awhile, but I just checked ye out again. You've improved a lot and still try yer hardest. Meanwhile, I'm just over here eatin' me potater chips. G'luck in the future, mate!
      SuperLuigi77 said 2019-05-16 20:15:11
      Thank ye matey! Aye, I agree I haven't seen yer ship anywhere when I adventure out in the seven seas. And yet, ye are now here. G'luck to ye mate too! See ye out in the blue ocean.
      Drop a message in a bottle would ye when ye return, Savvy.

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