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Please- before you ask on videos- read this info. It will answer most of your questions. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SPECIAL TUNE ENTER THE NAME OF THE TUNE AND ADD "BurnsErnst" AND IF IT´S AMONG MY RECORDINGS YOU WILL FIND IT
In the 60s I played rhythm-guitar in a shadows-cover-band. Then 35 years nothing, -just picking around a little bit at home. After I found the UB-Hank backing tracks, I tried to do some lead-guitar.
I play directly on an Audacity Program into the PC and synchronize the Video with the Audio. For my equipment watch
https://youtu.be/F8d2S2jI8pQ As I can read neither notes nor tabs- (I play everything by ear) I have nothing of this.
My backings are mostly from UB-Hank, some from Göran Tangring and Ton van Tergouw (google: "Leo´s Den" or Göran Tangring or Ton van Tergouw (global.instro.nl) and Roger Paulsson.. Others are mentioned in the Video-Info.
Sorry- I don`t have a CD and I don`t intend to make one.
My guitar: google BURNS, London

Latest videos

  • ARAPAHO (Bob Brown comp.)
    I heard this one posted some days ago by Denis and loved it. Thanks to the VBL for making the BT available. I just made some short changes on it. I hope you enjoy my rendition. This song and the pi...

    posted 11/21/2019 5:14 am

  • FRÖKEN FRÄKEN (instrumental cover)
    Fröken Fräken means „Girl with freckles“ and was famous in Sweden and performed by different singers (e.g. Sven Ingvars and Thore Skogman 1964). I hope you like my instrumental cover using a B...

    posted 11/19/2019 2:47 am

  • RENTED TUXEDO (The Hep Stars instrumental cover)
    Every now and then I try to do something special. Many years ago a Youtubefriend has posted his version and I found it by chance. I found it kind of funny and so I recorded my version playing all in...

    posted 11/15/2019 5:19 pm

  • COSMOS RIDERS (The Spacemen cover)
    My good friend Giorgio has posted this one recently and I liked it. Thanks to Giorgio for his excellent BT.The tune was composed by Hans Clerwall (brother of Lennart Clerwall) This song and the pict...

    posted 11/13/2019 2:36 am

  • SUSPICIOUS MINDS (Elvis Presley instrumental cover)
    I have always loved the special guitar-riff along with this song. Because on the BT (karaoke-version) this riff was very poor I recorded my own riff and added it to the BT which was not easy to do but...

    posted 11/09/2019 5:19 am

  • GEISHA (The Silhouets cover)
    I have already covered some THE SILHOUETS tunes. They were on their „farewell tour“ after 60 years on stage and I had the opportunity to meet them at TILBURG 26.th oct. and enjoyed their performan...

    posted 11/05/2019 1:18 pm

  • ROUGAILLE SAUCISSE (Max Antoine Grondin com.)
    I`m not quite sure about the soundmixing because I have got some trouble with my right ear. (hole in the eardrum) Anyway- I hope it`s not too bad. Since Joseph (Naljos421) introduced me to SEGA-style...

    posted 11/02/2019 3:55 am

  • Un Rêve Doux de Toi (comp. Bernard Bigorgne)
    A lovely Bernard Bigorgne composition and a perfect VHBL backingtrack. Hope you enjoy my version of it. This song and the pictures are the property and copyright of the rightful owner(s) and „Burn...

    posted 10/21/2019 11:14 am

  • SLOWLY (a Lennart Clerwall tune)
    Sorry- forgot a "t" on Lennarts Name :-) Another very lovely Lennart Clerwall composition. My own backingtack. This song and the pictures are the property and copyright of the rightful owner(s) and ...

    posted 10/19/2019 1:23 pm

  • DAWN IN NAGAMURA (The Wranglers cover )
    My friend Giorgio has posted this one recently and I liked it. It`s a cover of tune by the finnish RAUTALANKA group „THE WRANGLERS“. Took me ½ hour to learn to play it, but some hours to produ...

    posted 10/16/2019 5:16 am



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