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  • About SurvivalCraft

    SurvivalCraft becomes a new 1.14 survival server for 10 people who play minecraft.

    SurvivalCraft 1.14

    We are planning to make a 1.14 server with a good community. The server will be vanilla with a couple of tweaks (Mutiplayer sleep, More mob head drops) no Cheats, Hacks or command blocks. You can build what ever you want just like Hermitcraft.

    Why only 10 people?

    We want to create a good community just like Hermitcraft. So we start with only 10 people but we're planning to
    invite more people on the server over time.


    - No cheats, Hacks or command blocks
    - Don't destroy someone else's builds
    - Be nice to everyone

    How can I play on SurvivalCraft?

    send us un message with the following information in it:

    Minecraft Name:

    Minecraft Qualities:

    Hours per day playing Minecraft: (<<Scroll down>>)

    Version you started playing minecraft:

    Why do you want to join SurvivalCraft?:

    Do you follow the rules?:

    Are you able to have meatings with the rest of the players by discord?:

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