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    Greeting's im TEAMGAM3R o/
    My name is Kieran, i live in the UnitedKingdom,
    I love Coding, Playing with Friends(sometimes), and Hanging out with Nirvanie

    Current Coding Projects
    Uriel (Bot to replace Cherub) (cherub getting upgraded)
    Stream Together (App to watch stuff together with people)
    Klasa-Dialogflow (NPM + Klasa Module)
    Klasa-Express (NPM + Klasa Module)

    I also Own GamerHeaven, a friendly community,
    People can join and talk about anything,
    I have some awesome ideas for the future,
    That im sure a lot of Gamers and PMC users will enjoy : D

    Click here to join
    Or use the widget on your left :D

    Profile: Designed by Nirvanie TY
    but text was by me, bc ya know, its my profile xD

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