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    "a hero's journey... virtuous an brave...
    a story told throughout generations passed on as the pinnacle
    of all that is true and righteous... a hero's journey will guide
    and forge the next... a hero's journey whose quest is to overcome
    even the best to see the rays of light shine past the storm...
    to work past the dark and toward the light... in which a rainbow shines so bright...
    but a hero... is of who which will stand and face that of which
    seems unbreakable... they are not necessarily unbreakable themselves...
    and still some stand, some fall, and some... will risk it all...
    the hero is not the sword, they are the person and the shield...
    the safety for what lies behind while they move forward...
    the hero's journey is one filled with adventure, the rises and the falls...
    but this journey will one day come to an end... and their quest
    turns to myth... all good things come to an end eventually... but to
    that end... comes a new beginning... a new hero... a new chapter...
    a new story... what will your story be...? why do we seek them...?
    perhaps the story is the quest... perhaps the hero seeks because
    they must... not because they can... a hero's journey is just that...
    their journey what makes them a hero are the people who
    believed in them... a hero's journey rises and falls...
    their quest for the light... in which the rainbow calls...
    my journey cannot end... not until I face that of which...
    is unbreakable..."

    FavreMySabre 2021 in Rainbow Quest Finale

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    with FavreMySabre and his Minecraft series teehee :3
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    Whole Rainbow Quest series!!

    Steve Legends!!! (Series in progress)

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