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    I do nerd stuff.

    This is a page for the weird, wacky, obscure comic book characters that you never knew you needed. If you recognize the character in the "Featured Skin" section, this is the page for you! If you don't, DW about it; this is still the page for you!

    My favourite comics:
    Starman by James Robinson
    Ex Machina by Brian K. Vaughn
    Jonathan Hickman's Marvel run to Secret Wars
    Sandman Mystery Theatre by Matt Wagner & Steven T. Seagle
    House of X/Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman
    Black Science by Rick Remender
    JSA by Geoff Johns
    Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen
    Lobster Johnson by Mike Mignola
    Manhunter by Mark Andreyko
    The Multiversity (obvi) by Grant Morrison

    Read 'em! They're great!

    Requests are closed for the foreseeable future.

  • Earth 9997, by Alex Ross

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  • DC Multiverse

    Batman (Flashpoint ) | DC Comics
    Robin (JSA) | DC Comics
    Amazing Man | DC Comics
    Air Wave | DC Comics
    TNT | DC Comics
    Dan the Dyna-Mite | DC Comics
    Green Lantern (Earth 2) | DC Comics
    Flash (Earth 2) | DC Comics
    Superman II (Earth 2) | DC Comics
    Doctor Fate (New 52) | DC Comics
    Ultraman | DC Comics
    Doctor Chaos | DC Comics
    The Question (Pax Americana) | DC Comics
    Captain Atom (Pax Americana) | DC Comics
    Peacemaker | DC Comics
    Judomaster | DC Comics
    Tiger | DC Comics
    Captain Marvel, Jr. | DC Comics
    Spy Smasher | DC Comics
    Ibis the Invincible | DC Comics
    Thunderer | DC Comics
    Deadeye | DC Comics
  • Marvel Multiverse

    3-D Man | Marvel Comics
    Black Knight | Marvel Comics
    Captain Italy | Marvel Comics
    Cordyceps Jones | Marvel Comics
    Daredevil Noir | Marvel Comics
    Doc Samson | Marvel Comics
    Doctor Doom (with alts) | Marvel Comics
    Doctor Doom (Earth X) | Marvel Comics
    Doctor Doom II (Fantastic Five) | Marvel Comics
    Doom 2099 | Marvel Comics
    Doom (What If?) | Marvel Comics
    Doctor Spectrum | Marvel Comics
    Doctor Spectrum (Nenet) | Marvel Comics
    Dominic Fortune | Marvel Comics
    Gabriel, the Air-Walker | Marvel Comics
    Ghost Goblin | Marvel Comics
    High Evolutionary | Marvel Comics
    Hulkling | Marvel Comics
    Human Torch | Marvel Comics
    Human Torch (Fantastic Five) | Marvel Comics
    Invisible Woman | Marvel Comics
    Invisible Girl (Ultimate Future Foundation) | Marvel Comics
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