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    • The_Mynxie_One
      January 20, 2019, 10:44 pm to Public
      Okay, so I am a disabled mother of a 12 year old boy who wanted a server. Since I can't take him to the park, or run around and play games outside, we play games together online. I that If I was going to make a server, it was going to be A SERVER. lol Plus it gives me something to do. I am also a noob to Minecraft in general. So I am literally learning everything right now. So far I am not doing to bad on my own. I really really want to make something special with this server. So far I just have Skyblock set up. I want worlds with Factions, Minigames, RPG, Survival PVP open world, and anything else I can think of. I do need lots of help. I really would like to have a couple admins per world that way we aren't all stretched out. The server isn't live yet. I am still trying to set things up. I am about to be working on the minigames world. That means learning about the games, and how to use the plugin I bought called Paintball which has minigames, and can make more. Then I will make the Factions after that. Then look into doing the RPG one. I have no idea about the RPG side of minecraft yet. Anyway, if you would like to help and know of others who wouldn't mind starting on a brand new (not yet live) server. Please let me know. You can add me on Discord and catch me online if interested. Mynxie (aka Faelynora)#4028 thank you
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