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    Infinite Possibilities is an upcoming Minecraft original series. In a medieval fantasy Earth with an alternate history, a dark power is arising in the North. It will be up to a few travelers to work together to save this world, but trust these days is hard to come by...

    This is where we will post any of our upcoming projects, to showcase what sort of ideas we have going on.
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    Voyde Studios

    Voyde Studios is a small, independent Minecraft creator team. Our goals in the Minecraft community are to create quality content for the game as best as we can, and do our best to create experiences in fellow players that showcase the majesty and wonder of this game that we have experienced in our time playing. (If you want information about sneak peeks and upcoming projects, scroll all the way down.)

    We started many years ago by releasing a schematic repository of large candy canes in the winter holiday spirit. Though the builds were of, questionable quality, that project got us started on the Planet Minecraft platform and for that, those candy canes will always hold a special place in our pixelated hearts. Following the unquestionable success of Custom Candy Cane Repository in 2016, we decided to take a few years away from the platform and focused on some personal projects or some collaborations with our friends. But in early 2019 we'd made a small personal project that we decided could be appreciated by more people than just ourselves. And so, we launched a small resource pack some of you may have heard of called Squids 101—a project in mild need of updating. A long time even before the candy cane repository was released, we had been wanting to establish a functional creative outlet for the game with several projects churning in our heads. With Squids 101 becoming quickly popular we finally had an opportunity to truly get started; so, a few months later we released the alpha stages of our first major project: Fanta Craft.

    Fanta Craft had started out as a brainchild of a couple of us many years prior for a knocko— for a multiplayer co-op survival inspired by the Hermitcraft series. We'd played through a couple generations of the survival when suddenly 1.13 added something called datapacks. We began implementing small features into the game such as custom weapons and armor. We gradually began expanding until we had a much larger project that it started as. Just like Squids 101, Fanta Craft had become something we couldn't wait to share with people, and something we've had a lot of fun and annoyance making (don't worry, it has been far more fun that troublesome). To our amazement, so many people have downloaded Fanta Craft and left comments saying what they enjoyed or what needs work. As a brief message to show a fraction of our immeasurable gratitude, every one of you who has downloaded Fanta Craft and been willing to try it out, thank you so so very much.

    Now that we're started, we are very excited working on many projects that will build worlds full of creations, and provide gameplay that showcases just how much can be done with this game.

    If you want to keep up to date on our projects with teasers and showcases, consider joining our Discord server where we provide sneak peeks for many projects and you can interact with other members of the Voyde Community. You may also consider subscribing to our YouTube channel where we sometimes post video teasers or entertainment that extends beyond the game.
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    If you're impressed with what you've seen from us and are looking for someone to execute an idea you can't keep to yourself, you can request a commission from us for a build or resource pack. Since we're a small team, we can only do so much at one time so on the slim chance that we get a lot of requests, it may take us a while to respond to you. Payment will be done with PayPal and will be fairly discussed by both parties. You can either private message us, join our Discord server, or contact us at enterthevoyde@gmail.com.
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