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    Welcome to The London Project. On this server, we aspire to build as much of Greater London as possible, as accurate as possible!

    How? We have imported LIDAR satellite data into the map, going as far west as Heathrow, as far east as the Dartford Crossing, as far North as Barnet, and as far South as Epsom! On top of that, we have overlayed Open Street Map data. However, we are focusing on the Central London area.

    Why join?

    This is a question to ask yourself. Maybe you're bored, or want to be part of a bigger project during your free time. Maybe you love London and want to honour it by recreating it. Maybe you just love building in Minecraft. Either way, come and have a look!

    How do you become a builder?

    Easy! Join our Discord server here. Our IP can be found there. Once you are on, post screenshots - or PMC links - of your builds onto #share-your-builds. We would much prefer to see recreations of existing buildings, and if you have done things at an angle, that would be impressive. Then, we may promote you to the Apprentice rank. Becoming a Builder is only a matter of time from there, as you will get the rank as soon as you complete a single build in the server to our standards.

    Builders who have impressed us, with quality and/or quantity, get an Architect rank. Architects are able to organise smaller projects, such as a particular junction or complex, and have other privilidges.

    What are our standards?

    At the London Project, we want things done fairly properly and accurately. Fear not! We have a channel - #building-school - which will give you every tip, technique, and tool you will need to build up to standard. We understand that beginning to build on awkward angles is a big leap, which is why Jay, our Minister of Construction, is always happy to help with building, either talk to him in game or on the server.
  • Some of our builds

    St Pancras International Station | JOIN OUR PROJECT! | London 1:1
    Euston Station | JOIN OUR PROJECT! | London 1:1
    Baltimore Tower / Arena Tower London 1:1
    IBM office HQ London 1:1
    BFI Waterloo IMAX Cinema and Roundabout | Building London 1:1
    Camden Town Hall
    Victoria Hall King's Cross Student Accomodation and Apartments
    The London Project - 1:1 Scale LIDAR Replica of Greater London, UK.
    The Vase Skyscraper London 1:1
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