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omqxcookies on Youtube

Subscribers: 880
Videos: 176

☞ NEW GOAL- 880?

☞ CHANNEL ART - TCaesarDes (Twitter)

☞ Upload? I tried to upload every Wednesday but I am terrible at it so just turn the bell on for notifications :D

✘ ✘ ✘

Hey guys,
Just here to thank you all for the support I have been given throughout the time of my “youtube” life. Thank you all so much for subscribing and taking the time from your days to watch and (hopefully) enjoying my videos. I don't have any certain dates that I upload, so I would suggest turning on that bell notification so you can be alerted when ever I decide to post.

To get to know me better here are some things: I call myself a gamer but I don’t play much, I love music, food and my bed. I am musical trash and need a social life. If these things aren’t relatable then I don’t know what is anymore.

Thanks for reading but I better go before someone thinks i've stolen you :P

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