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    SO... it was late at night, I had no food and was carrying a lot of loot. The Java server was glitching and my friends had all died and left. Underneath me was a WITCH with a lava pool and water running towards her. She was using fire protection potion, there were slimes and skeletons with her. And Zombies at the top of the waterfall and ON TOP OF MY HEAD! I was unsure how to ESCAPE. So I panicked for awhile, 😂 hoping the Witch would die. 🧭 Then finally made a run for it. 🏃🏽‍♀️ Watch what happens. It has a surprise ending!! 😱 🥴🤯

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    TNW Creations is the name behind many featured game development from Minecraft to the Sims franchise. Some of our crew has been creating game content since the 90's. Our Minecraft experience is epic. We create stories, worlds, adventure maps, skins, fan fiction, texture packs and more. Most of our items are free around the web and as of Winter 2018, we have our own channel feed on MagicStoryLand.Com, starring NinjaPony and friends.
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