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    Conquest Reforged Custom Map Project
    Started: May 4th, 2017
    Update: June 12th, 2017

    Working on my first Custom Minecraft Map; started it May 4th, 2017 - World Painter. Its my first map - its rather large 22.5k x 15k but I am a stay-at-home housewife with lots of time on my hands. I've been putting in anywhere from 8-16 hours a day since May 4th on this map- with one day off for a headache :P

    The map is being done using the Conquest Reforged Modpack [link below].
    The map will contain all the necessary biomes a Minecraft Map needs. The map takes over an hour and 45 minutes [in-game] to walk from east to west and a little over an hr and 24 minutes to walk north to south. The map has been increased slightly from this estimated time so it may be a longer walk now; just an idea of how large the map is.

    The map will be available for download in two versions; one without resources and one with resources. The map will contain custom caves, tunnels, and caverns, lush forests, peaceful lakes and winding rivers. You will find large waterfalls and dry arid deserts, marshy swamps, tucked away bogs, magical forests to discover and much, much more.

    I'm very picky and particular when it comes to details. I believe the devil's in the details and the more time you spend on each little thing the better and better it becomes. I'm probably over-obsessive, but I feel I'm pushing right along with the map. I have been able to put in 10-16+ hours pretty much every day and will continue to do so until its finished. Until then I will keep updating this Current Event Post :)

    Map size: 22.5k x 15k


    • Cold/Frozen Artics
    • Lush Forests [Pine, Birch, Redwood, Oak, Cypress]
    • Extreme Mountains/Hill, Taigas & Mesas - with build-able areas!
    • Winding Rivers, Peaceful Lakes, Secret Ponds
    • Small and Large Waterfalls
    • Tunnels, Caves, and Caverns - Each Individually Thought Out Carefully!
    • Rolling Plains - large areas to build upon.
    • Dry Arid Deserts
    • Swampy Bogs and Marshes

    Special Land Marks
    • Egyptian, Inca, Mayan Building Areas
    • Pirate Island
    • Elven & Hobbit Forests - 
    • Haunted Forest
    • Dark Dwarven Dwellings
    • Dragon's Cove

    * Many of my own custom trees, mushrooms, icebergs, and other landmasses. Custom roads & paths to help find your way.

    Conquest Reforged Required ~ use connected textures!

    Working on a custom map comes along with creating some of your own custom objects; time consuming little buggers, but in the end can be very rewarding! So along with the map I am making I will be creating custom object schematics for all to use.
    Temperate Pines
    * Fantasy Trees
    Tree Clutter
    Volcanic Clutter
    Custom Lamp Posts
    Fzn Clutter
    ✔ Fzn Trees

    Stay Tuned For More Updates!
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      July 12, 2017, 10:05 am to Public
      <---- UPDATE: I have not gave up! I have been working as long and as hard as I can to finish this map faster.
      #1 This is my first map so its taking me longer than others due to a learning curve...

      #2 I have a touch of OCD and I like things to be as close to how I picture them as possible

      #3 Coloring the terrain is not easy if you have no presets already so that's taken a lot of tweaking.

      #4 Ive had minor set backs with Conquest IDs either Ive gotten them wrong or they changed some of them- not sure which; either way a week of changing things around and Im back

      #5 Real life things sprung up and Im being needed recently more than usual.

      #6 Its Summer Break here for all the kids and grandkids so Im busy for a few months, but still working 6+ hours a day as much as I can.

      I have some that I have not uploaded because I am still waiting on a few permissions for trees Ive used that did not come from a repository. I need 2 more okays and Ill upload some screenshots-- Id also like to take a short video walk through of a few areas but my husband needs to show me how LOL ROFL

      Let me see where I am at tonight!!
      Tyiarrah said 2018-05-07 16:41:25
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      July 3, 2017, 8:37 pm to Public
      <---- UPDATE: Sorry Its been so long... I had a few bday parties to attend this week, I have a long time friend of the family that's come down with Alzheimer's and I've stepped in to help house-set and kid-set since its summer break. I'm back I have been working on the map here and there, but not nearly as long and often and Im used to.

      I hope to get back on track upload some pics and gett'er done!
      Its so easy to keep "detailing and messing with" things when it comes to WorldPainter :P Ill try to move it along faster LOL *Crosses Fingers*

      I cant wait to build on this map!!
      Neekoris said 2017-07-05 02:17:41
      I wanna see the maapp! :D
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      June 26, 2017, 7:14 am to Public
      Map is almost done!! Created a pencil drawn map to go along with it.
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      June 12, 2017, 10:26 am to Public
      Need to figure out World Painter's Biomes - I know painting specific types on top of other types can create very beautiful terrains, anyone know of a good tutorial on this sorta thing?
      xXKakashiXx said 2017-06-23 18:37:39
      Well, i did just start doing Worldpainter stuff again and good tutorials i found are on YouTube from Lord Dakr or Jeracraft! If this doesnt help you try looking at simmular channels. I'm sorry if my english is a bit weird, i am from germany :D
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      June 7, 2017, 11:58 am to Public

      I keep loosing my grid that World Edit places around an object your about to copy and save... this grid makes it really nice to know for sure you have EVERYTHING within your box, but I lost my grid .. again... was there a little while re-loaded my Repository World with my custom trees on it and I lost that Grid. I have re-downloaded and installed WorldEdit and the Plugin for the grid again 3x already this morning and its still not there - checked the few settings we get and the grid is set to True... by default. nothing??
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  • CQ Map Project ~ Daily Journal

    I've decided that my spiral notebook is getting rather cluttered and messy so I am going to use this space to keep track of my daily accomplishments I've made on the map, as well as a place to help me keep track of 'new ideas' and things I'm falling behind on getting done.

    MAP UPDATES: [Started May 4th, 2017]
    Outline Completed
    Laid Out Designated Areas
    Added Height to landmasses
    Laid in River areas
    Created First Volcano
    Researched various plants and trees for specific areas of the map
    Created Custom Trees & Rocks
    ✔ Add Fzn Water to Fzn Area and *Finished* Custom Icebergs

    • May 19th ~ Almost completed all the mountain ranges.
    • May 20th ~ Worked on my first cold/frozen pine [took me 10hrs to make ONE!] :P: She turned out GORGEOUS!!
    • May 21st ~ Creating Another Cold Frozen Pine Today
    • May 22nd ~ Issue with Conquest Icicle Texture when importing FznPine --> * Still haven't worked on this *
    • May 23rd ~ Worked on other FznPines ✔
    • May 24-26th ~ Worked on more of the Cold/Frozen Area ✔ ~ Completed Temperate Pine Forests ✔
    • May 27th ~ Worked more on the West Coast Mts, The FFzn Mts, & The Dark Pine Forest Mts. Found a new technique & needed to take the day to apply it cohesively throughout the entire Mt Range - so that took a days time - worth it!
    • May 28th ~ Terraced the Mts., Added more Tunnels & Arches. Worked on widening the river for wider bridges, increased more landmasses.
    • May 29th ~ 1/2 day [going 2B gone early morning til mid afternoon] Plan on finishing up more Mt Terracing when I get home.
    • May 30th ~ 10am- Working on more Mts, Plateaus, Caves, terracing, and Id like to get to more custom object layers today too.
    • May 31st ~ Worked on Tunnels & Caves, detailed out the rivers adding little nooks and cranny's, extensions here and there.
    • June 1 ~ Added Sea Arches, more tunnels, waterfalls - worked on my custom objects
    • June 2 ~ Organized & backed-up files, did a PC Maint. day [Can take 6-8+ hrs to scan sometimes longer.]
    • June 3 ~ 9am spending the day working on finishing up custom objects that I need now. Painting terrains that are done.
    • June 4 ~ Worked on Tree and Plant Layers
    • June 5 ~ Widening some more rivers, touching up Mts, working on layers more.
    * Add fireflies, birds, toads... bugs to specific areas of the map
    * Mineral Pools to specific areas to the map

    * Work on Mayan Area - Create Tunnels and Underwater Area for a City
    • June 6 ~ 7am working on map!! 10pm Finishing Up for the Night :)
    * June 6th was a great day working on the map!! Today I was able to fix all my custom-made schematics & get them into their proper layers - I touched up the entire Northern Frozen Coast & Frozen Ocean and Rivers are done. Put in a great deal of hours into custom objects; Im just so happy they are finally uploading correctly!!

    June 7-9th ~ Late Start Wed. June 7th @ 10am :( Yesterday I managed to fix all my custom Fzn Trees so today Im going to fix the Autumn Trees that have glitches and then work on the Eastern Coastline Details which will lead me down to the Fisherman's Wharf and the Dry/Arid Regions for the rest of this week and pry through the weekend but I will see where I am at on Friday and then touch base with you all again then *Cheers*

    June 10 ~ Yesterday I worked on touching up where the Frozen Area ends and the next area begins, I didnt like the transitions there so I spent the greater portion of the day cleaning that up - and then I realized that I don't really like some of the trees so I have a new list of those that still need more tweaking.

    June 11 ~ Doctors Appt this morning [so another late start on the map] -- Yesterday I put in a lot of time working on some Biome transitions; so I am picking up where I left off there, tweaking some trees more... Need to figure out World Painter's Biomes - I know painting specific types on top of other types can create very beautiful terrains, anyone know of a good tutorial on this sorta thing?


    * Eastern Coastline Details
    * Fisherman's Wharf
    * Desert Zone Terrain Details [Obj's Done]
    -- Add oasis and palms
    * Egyptian Empire Terrain Details
    * Mayan Civilization Terrain Details
    * Swampland Terrain Details [Obj's Done]
    * Marshland Terrain Details [No Objects Yet]
    * Bog [Obj's Done]
    * Dwarven Dwellings - Not Complete At All :(
    * Dragon's Cove [Terrain Done] - Add Details

    NOTE: Keep in mind the terrain's for the list above are either complete complete or the terrain just needs some special extra detailing. The devil's in the details... remember that :P Most if not all the objects for each zone are either done or a few need tweaking; which now wont take long at all -- I have the bases all build though some of them need some fine tuning.
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