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    God Tools
    Survival Gear Kits
    Netherite Fishing Rod
    Tools Upgrade via Smithing Table
    OP Armor
    Fast Smelting & Blasting for Iron & Gold
    Enchantment Merger - No more exclusive enchantments
    RPG Player System 1.4.2 Social&Distancing
    Incendium ~ Nether Expansion [Now 1.17 compatible!]
    More Item Uses - New recipes and offhand item abilities
    Invisible Item Frame
    Custom Name Color - Allow all players to choose their name color
    Higher Enchants
    WASD Moar Apples [Datapack]
    Soul Binding Data Pack 1.15 - 1.16+
    Mo'Enchantments Datapack
    Lava Walker v0.02
    Steve Villagers [OptiFine]
    Animated Entities add-on [OptiFine]
    Visual Enchantments 3.0.1 [Optifine]
    Terraria Spelunker Potion in Minecraft
    Terraria mode fishing
    Return to Spawn with Honey Bottles (Terraria Recall Potion Style)
    Status Messages
    Vanilla-like 3D Items Pack
    Renamed BotW sword textures
    Netherite Buster Sword
    Better Vanilla Swords
    Pet Respawning Pack
    Just Sit
    Carpenter Craft
    [QPTP] Quick Portal Teleportation, instant nether portal teleportation without animation!
    Hardcore Respawn
    Dungeon Now Loading 13.1% - CavesandCliffs Preview Datapack Version available on Discord!
    RPG Loot, Mobs & Dungeons Data Pack
    Spawn Animations
    Heart Crystals - Increase your Max Health!
    BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack [1.17 Datapack]
    Starter Dog
    Starter Kit
    1.8 Combat for 1.16
    More Visible Wither Hearts
    Clear Water
    Shulker GUI x16
    Updated Blaze Rods
    Stormilla / Fixed Inconsistencies
    Halland & Dalarna Music Discs
    Doggos+ [Optifine]
    Visual Stews [OptiFine]
    Unique Beds
    Better MC
    More Elytras (requires optifine)
    Warped Elytra
    Crimson Elytra
    Undespawnable Named Items Datapack
    Saddle and Armor crafting with recipe book integration 1.16+
    Next level Minecraft Survival
    Chairify : simple seatable spot creation !
    Sword Sounds (V. 2)
    Another Invisible Item Frame Pack - Use Shears to make Disappear!
    Simple Bonemealable Sugar Cane + Nether Wart!
    Nik's Original Advancements with updated advancements included
    When I add Enchanted Apple Recipe Come back.
    Cure All Infected Mobs
    CraftSound Datapack - all crafting come with sound!!!
    cave village [beta]
    Adventuring Advancements
    Armor Set Bonuses
    Auto Utilities: Vein Mining
    Immersive Soundscapes
    Skyblock Ore Generator In Vanilla Minecraft! [1.13-1.16]
    Enchantments to Books & RepairCost Fix
    Villager Shop Creator [Ver 2.1] now in 1.17!
    100% XP Drop (Players drop all of their experience)
    EnderChest+ - Infinitely Expandable EnderChests
    Glowing Textures!
    Jaden's Improved GUI ( 1.8 - 1.17 Snapshots )
    Survival/PvP simple texture pack 3.0
    Firch's Andvanilla - Andvanced Vanilla
    JustTimm's Vanilla Additions - Christmas Edition
    JustTimm's Vanilla Additions
    Fresh Animations v1.3.1 (1.17 support)
    Alt Potion
    Shield Corrections
    3D Swords CIT 1.16
    3D Hylian Shield and Master Swords
    Better Netherite And Dragon Wings
    Pickle Rick Xp
    Rainbow Enchantments
    Improved Netherite - By toxteer
    Christmas Datapack (German Version)
    Aw man! [Kill a Creeper Advancement]
    Mountain Villages (New Structure, no Replacements!) - Reissue [Discontinued]
    More Recipes by RitvikYT
    MultiLang Time Bar
    Transfer Enchantments Between Tools
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