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Grandmaster Skinner
  • Something about me

    Oh hello Darling * light notes of Mettaton *.

    You know, it's purely fun for me to make skins for Minecraft.
    I do them more for myself. This is my hobby.

    You know, someone loves to cook, play an instrument (I personally only know how to play on my nerves * bad joke *), skateboarding, and so on.
    And then there is me.
    My hobby is making Skins and I'm going to improve my skills. You know, improve your skills in styles and formats.

    Speaking of formats. Our wonderful site PMC does not allow uploading skins in formats higher than 128x than I am actually unhappy with, but overall the site is the best in my subjective opinion.

    So you have already learned why I make skins.
    NOT for fame, subscribers and some kind of rank / level. So people who thought so can go through the forest.

    Of course I appreciate people who really like my skins. It's nice when I make skins for characters that I like, and it's even more pleasant when someone else likes these skins.
    But my own desire is most important to me.

    Yes I know.
    Once upon a time in the distant 2020. When we got the Nether updates, and my name was HelluvaOverlord (if anyone else has problems that my nickname was HelluvaOverlord before, please clarify, otherwise I'm forgetful). I fulfilled the orders of all comers.
    But now I'm not going to do this, unless I myself want to (and if I want to play a promotion for some reason, so see the posts if you are interested).

    Well, to say something else like that * thinks *.

    OHHH YEEES * light notes of Mettaton, again *
    I'm a guy and my favorite color is hot pink. So what are you going to do to me?
  • πŸ•ˆπŸ“¬πŸ‘ŽπŸ“¬β˜βœŒπŸ’§β„β˜œβ˜Ό has contacted you.

    β˜β˜Όβ˜œβ˜œβ„βœ‹β˜ β˜πŸ’§πŸ“¬ πŸ‘Žβš βœ‘βšπŸ•† πŸ•†β˜ πŸ‘Žβ˜œβ˜ΌπŸ’§β„βœŒβ˜ πŸ‘Ž πŸ’£β˜œ βœŒβ„ ✌☹☹✍ βœ‹β˜ž βœ‘β˜œπŸ’§πŸ“ͺ β„β˜Ÿβ˜œβ˜  πŸ‘βšβ˜ β˜β˜ΌβœŒβ„πŸ•†β˜ΉβœŒβ„βœ‹βšβ˜ πŸ’§ βœ‘βšπŸ•† ✌☼☜ ⚐☠☜ ⚐☞ β„β˜ŸβšπŸ’§β˜œ πŸ•ˆβ˜Ÿβš πŸ•ˆβœŒπŸ’§β„β˜œπŸ‘Ž β„βœ‹πŸ’£β˜œπŸ“¬
    ⚐😐✌✑πŸ“ͺ πŸ’§βš πŸ‘Œβ˜œ βœ‹β„πŸ“ͺ βœ‹πŸ•―β˜Ήβ˜Ή β„β˜œβ˜Ήβ˜Ή βœ‘βšπŸ•† πŸ’§βšπŸ’£β˜œβ„β˜Ÿβœ‹β˜ β˜πŸ“¬
    βœ‚β„β˜Ÿβ˜œβ˜Όβ˜œ πŸ•†πŸ’§β˜œπŸ‘Ž β„βš πŸ‘Œβ˜œ πŸ’§βšπŸ’£β˜œβ„β˜Ÿβœ‹β˜ β˜ βœ‹πŸ’£πŸ±βšβ˜Όβ„βœŒβ˜ β„ ☟☜☼☜ ☞⚐☼ β„β˜ŸβšπŸ’§β˜œ πŸ•ˆβ˜Ÿβš ✌☼☜ βœ‹β˜ β„β˜œβ˜Όβ˜œπŸ’§β„β˜œπŸ‘Ž βœ‹β˜  πŸ•ˆβ˜ŸβœŒβ„ πŸ•ˆβœ‹β˜Ήβ˜Ή ☟✌🏱🏱☜☠ β˜ β˜œβœ β„πŸ“¬βœ‚
    πŸ‘ŒπŸ•†β„ β˜ βšπŸ•ˆ βœ‹πŸ•―πŸ’£ β„β˜Ÿβ˜œ ⚐☠☹✑ ⚐☠☜ β˜Ÿβ˜œβ˜Όβ˜œπŸ“¬
    πŸ±β˜ΌβšπŸ‘ŒβœŒπŸ‘Œβ˜Ήβœ‘ βœ‹β„ πŸ’£βœŒπŸ˜β˜œπŸ’§ ☠⚐ πŸ’§β˜œβ˜ πŸ’§β˜œ β„βš βœ‹β˜ β„β˜ΌβšπŸ‘ŽπŸ•†πŸ‘β˜œ βœ‘βšπŸ•†β˜ΌπŸ’§β˜œβ˜Ήβ˜žπŸ“ͺ βœ‘βšπŸ•† βœŒβ˜Ήβ˜Όβ˜œβœŒπŸ‘Žβœ‘ πŸ•†β˜ πŸ‘Žβ˜œβ˜ΌπŸ’§β„βšβšπŸ‘Ž πŸ•ˆβ˜Ÿβš βœ‹ βœŒπŸ’£πŸ“¬
    βœ‹β˜ž βœ‘βšπŸ•† ✌☼☜ βœ‹β˜ β„β˜œβ˜Όβ˜œπŸ’§β„β˜œπŸ‘Ž βœ‹β˜  πŸ•ˆβ˜ŸβœŒβ„ πŸ•ˆβœŒπŸ’§ ☟☜☼☜ πŸ‘Œβ˜œβ˜žβšβ˜Όβ˜œπŸ“ͺ βœŒπŸ’§πŸ˜ β„β˜ŸβšπŸ’§β˜œ πŸ•ˆβ˜Ÿβš β˜Όβ˜œπŸ’£β˜œπŸ’£πŸ‘Œβ˜œβ˜ΌπŸ“¬

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