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    Wonderful PFP, 👏🏻👏🏻, made by Amandality

    Welcome to my profile...
    I'm Acai. I like coding programs, mainly in C# or Python.

    Website > Website
    GitHub > GitHub

    C# - Java - Py - Web - JS


    -> I left the wannabes. Apparently I'm insane and really bad at having friends. It will be 3 months until I change my name back to AcaiBerii. Just wait, it will be soon. I was a developer for TTG and I worked 10+ hours to get a working news app as well as a website, which he nit-picked for every thing he didn't like about it (I reacted badly). This made BadBoyHalo mad and I wanted to leave because of it. I won't be joining back. Until my name change, please do not call me Tommy. Call me Acai instead.

    -> I'm not developing for anyone anymore. I'm currently busy on my website and other projects. Everyone has given up on me and my work because I'm not perfect at programming and stuff.

    -> Garbage got stuck under my Surface Type Cover 3 keys and you're not supposed to remove the keycaps. This is agony.

    -> Eggy egg e ee ge eg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh help its laate must bed


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