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    hello. I'm Steven! Or Ween or whatever you want to call me. I'm currently a community college student and am pursuing a career in the arts, so! It's worth mentioning that I do take commissions, and am willing to do skin trades! Hit me up whenever, my Discord's @just steven#1613 (the just is included).
    • An outfit ranges form $7-$10 depending on complexity.
    • A full skin, head and all, range from $9-$12.
    • Discounts offered for orders of many skins at once.
    Additionally, I take art commissions. If you appreciate more experimental work you can out instagram. However, more character focused art is included on this page, which ranges greatly in price. Something like so:

    Pixel Art - $5-40 (tips appreciated, ranges greatly in price on complexity. For example, simple icons can be $5-$10)
    x x x x x x x

    Quick painting - $15-20 (tips appreciated) Examples: x x x

    Quick Sketch - $12-15 (tips appreciated) Examples: x x x x x

    Lined drawing with color- $15-20, -5 dollar discount without color. Examples: x x x x

    Full painting- $30-60 (tips appreciated) Examples: x x x x x x

    Traditional Conceptual piece- $30-100 based on complexity. Shipment extra. Examples: x x x x x x
    Each additional character adds on half the original price. So if your one character commissions would've been 20 dollars, an additional character may be added for $10!
    Shoot me a message on here or find my @just steven#1613 (yes the just is included
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