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  • wldscarlet
    August 16, 2020, 7:18 am to Public
    I am shutting down @Wellandel, the 5 years long project, due to the fact that we ran out of active staff to keep this ambitious project running. Well, no matter how good the idea is, if there are not enough active people to execute it then it will never meet the light.

    However, this totally is not a lost. We learned so many things from the art of team management, recruitment, story and character plannings, building the game maps, coding, making digital arts from sketches, and so much more.

    It is always amazing to realize how each of us that have different skill sets, could work together on the same goal. Without welcoming and open-minded team culture, we might not be able to work as the teamwork.

    In the end, I hope you guys will make the new journeys, to follow your passions and chase your dreams. Keep nurturing your passions and making your dreams clear. The future is hard to predict but I really hope that our journey paths may cross again in the future. Good luck! :D
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    Xaphanx said 2020-08-16 07:21:36
    Oh no! Sorry to hear that you had to shut it down but it's nice to read that you have earned and learned a lot of things from doing this~ Best of luck with anything you'll be doing in the future! c:
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