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ShadowWolf Gaming
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New description on 6-24-17!
Second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnhVIinBFgWcArd7hW3hDA
From now on, bloopers, shorts, and all that bts crap will be posted there. Two channels to catch up on!
This channel will be used for my series, gameplays, and...um...that's it. Gameplays and series. Oh yeah, and Madness videos. My playlists won't be going anywhere, don't worry.

Update 1-23-18 - Apparently the 19 videos I've posted from December 2nd to now have helped me more than the rest of my channel. Either that or I'm not thinking about it right. I'm probably not.

DISCLAIMER: Some of my videos will have cursing in them. Just warning you now.

Why are you here? This channel's been dead for a while now...I'm really not trying anymore. This channel's pure garbage,

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