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    i'm quitting.

    everything i loved about this community is gone now, i have no desire to be here any longer. there's people here who i used to admire, but now that they've shown how disrespectful and rotten they truly are, i just don't wanna be in the same place as them. i don't want to deal with them ever again.

    i have so many things to go on about, but i'll keep it short. i just have one thing to say.

    watch out with the things you say - you never know how people will react, so don't be rude.

    they're words i should've listened to, as with all this site drama i've been very impulsive and that's been rightfully pointed out to me by those involved in this. but while i'm honestly very sorry about that, the offenders in this case still think they can't be blamed for anything, even though they have way more apologies to make than me.

    until they realize that they should be the ones making amends, i'm leaving this place.

    i'll still come back here every now and then to check up on the site, but i'm going to refrain from posting any new content. i might see if i can find another place to continue posting my art,
    but i won't be making skins anymore.

    if anyone wants to stay in touch with me, feel free to pm me for my discord (or anything else, as i'll still be checking my pm's).
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