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Yayang Viva on Youtube

Yayang Viva
Subscribers: 779
Videos: 80

Hello,hello,and welcome to the channel!if anythings missing in this channel be sure to let me know!here we will do some gaming,Gacha life,animations(even if im not so good at it, im still learning) , Gacha studios,and,more!
BTW if you like the content BE SURE TO SUBSRCIBE!!! now, i like doing gacha vids!

PS comment "pizza is great like yayangviva" on my latest video if you actually enjoyed my content very much :3

Subscriber goals(i added this because why not)

100 - done
200 - done
300 - done
400 - done
500 - done
1.000 -not yet
5.000 - not yet
10.000 - no

Latest videos

  • Cradles meme/gachalife/yayangviva AU
    Open me!! VVVVVVVVVVV I got lazy while efiting this, thats why it looks pretty bad(REALLY bad)... I also want to tell you that this isn't a part of my OC's backstory/story, but its actually an A...

    posted 05/21/2019 8:08 pm

  • YVnews!!
    Im lazy to even edit this video Crash meme: #gachalife

    posted 05/20/2019 1:47 pm

  • HUSH meme/gacha life/yayangviva
    Original by Miio Time taken: 5-6 hours Programs used: Kinemaster Gachalife FlipaClip Backround Eraser Wow i actually made front faced charecters!! This took alot of ho...

    posted 05/19/2019 12:41 am

  • All night meme/gacha life (ft.PROBOY100)
    Oh btw the blue guy is my friend, PROBOY100... he only does gaming so i made him look like his profile. programs used= Kinemaster Gacha Life Flipa Clip Backround Eraser time taken= 1 hour and 30 min...

    posted 05/16/2019 2:13 am

  • Wolf in sheep's clothing M.A.P/ OPEN ( 5/26 taken )
    Open me!!!! VVVVVVVVV This is my first ever time hosting a map Music= Wolf in sheep's clothing Rules= 1. They must have my OC in it 2. If you want, add your OC too 3. Animations are allowed, but...

    posted 05/15/2019 12:19 am

    I disliked my own video because i can And BECAUSE ITS WEIRD

    posted 05/11/2019 10:28 am

  • #sabrinawolfycontest2019 speedpaint(kinda) on infintepainter
    Yay i actually did this, i though i didn't have enough time to make this... Yay Real time (including unrecorded) 1 hour or more Programs used Kinemaster Mobizen Infinite Painter Music CopyCat OC ...

    posted 05/10/2019 6:24 am

  • just a random video...
    DO NOT QUESTION THE END i just made something that i wanted to make for a very long time (btw i made this a couple days ago and not sure if i wanted to put this on youtube or not, and yes, im using a ...

    posted 05/10/2019 3:24 am

  • [ For Proboy100 ] SUB TO THIS BOY
    Im weird But i like cats

    posted 05/05/2019 10:18 am

    SEND.HELP WHAT DID I CREATE?! WHY DID I CREATE IT?! anyways... This is a... um... So... Ummm.... Okay so this is just another of my WEIRD BUT STILL WEIRD videos but to be honest, i don't know. If ...

    posted 05/05/2019 9:30 am



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