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      so my PC is messed up currently. I deleted my windows 10 by accident during a factory reset. Don't worry all my saves are safe on a USB stick. But I don't have a windows 10 download stick or disc so I need to bring to a PC repair place. Sorry guys I'm kind of stupid :P. The thanksgiving weekend announcements for my world will need to be postponed until next week sometime. I'm so sorry please forgive me :)
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    Hello, I am Yettai Yogenhiem

    I have been playing Minecraft since 2010 (basically since it came out) and I have played it almost everyday since. I never really had a huge interest to play survival, probably because that's all we had back in the day. I always favored building over surviving. Before we had survival I used to use the TMI mod to give me items to build with. However, in the last few years I have taken an interest to building vehicles and have found that I am quite amazing at it. I also build mansions and skyscrapers as well but I am pretty bad at interiors so I just stick with exteriors. All my builds are built on "player scale" meaning that each build is in realistic size to an average person IRL. The average person is 6 feet tall so logically each Minecraft player is around 6 feet as well. So the scale is 3 feet = one block or less. My vehicle builds work well in almost every Minecraft city and fit quite nicely. If you ever want to recommend me to build a vehicle or any thing really feel free to comment it on my submissions or private message me!

    Some of the people who have inspired me over the years!

    Keralis - www.youtube.com/channel/UCcJgOennb0II4a_qi9OMkRA

    andyisyoda - www.youtube.com/user/andyisyoda

    Lord Dakr - www.youtube.com/user/lorddakr

    Yazur - www.planetminecraft.com/member/yazur/

    ZariusHD - www.youtube.com/user/TheZariusX

    Captain_JEK - www.planetminecraft.com/member/captain_jek/

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