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    hi I'm Spahce, I make skins

    I try to upload a skin every Saturday

    If you want to play with me on a server sometime, send me a

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    ♪Shading Template Guidelines♪
    Can I use your shading templates in my skin, and can I upload skins that use it?
    Yes to both - You are allowed to use my shading templates for whatever you may want to use it forever, but you MUST credit me properly.

    How do I properly credit you?
    If you use my templates on a regular basis, you can credit me in your about me, and you won't need to credit me in every single skin you upload. If you do NOT use it on a regular basis, you must credit me by saying "Shading Template by Your Local Fish Nerd" and either give a link to my profile or to the shading template. If you use it regularly, you credit me the exact same way, just include it in your about me page.

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    I saw x of your skin reposted on y website. Is it yours?
    I don't use anything other than my pmc page and my skindex page. If you see it reuploaded anywhere else, please tell me. While I'm already at this subject, you are NOT allowed to repost my skins.

    Are requests open?
    Look at the widget down below!

    Skin Trades:
    (Preferably with mutuals, but they're open to everyone!)
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    Requests:  Closed
    Suggestions: Always Open

    You MUST read the below before requesting anything!
    Overall Guidelines
    What is the difference between a request and a suggestion?
    A request is a skin I 100% for sure will do, unless it doesn't match my guidelines. A suggestion is something I'll do only if I'll feel like it.

    - When you request a non fandom skin, you must be specific and detailed if at all possible. If you just tell me you want a "teen skin" or a "Boy skin" I'm going to deny your request. Explain what outfit you want, the hair color, hair length, eye color, etc.

    - I work much better with reference images. GOOD reference images. I'm not really creative so if you send me a picture of an outfit you want and say "I would like this outfit" it is much easier for me to just look at the image rather than try and figure out what exactly you mean.

    -The quality of the ref image will effect how good the skin is. If you send me a picture where the lighting is bad, or the character is only shown from the waist up, I am not going to have a clear idea of what the outfit looks like. I'm very uncreative at filling in the spaces and it will just be better overall if I have a good reference image. The best ref images for me to use are pictures like this or like this one. I can see the entire body clearly and the second one even gives me a decent idea of what the back is like.

    - I will only make at most 4 requests a month. It is first come, first serve. This is just because I do make other skins than just requests, and so by limiting the requests I do down to four will let me upload some of my regular skins that I want to upload.

    - I can decide to not do your skin at any time. If you're being plain rude or if I'm simply just struggling to make the skin, don't be suprised if I end up declining it. Additionally, if I make a skin that you don't like because it is ugly or whatever, it is probably because it is either a skin that was just difficult to make from the beginning OR there were no good ref images.

    -If you request a base, simply just tell me the hair length or style, hair color, skin color, eye color, and alex or steve model. If you want me to shade the base, I can, or I can leave it completely unshaded with just base colors if you'd like to shade it on your own. If you do not mention whether or not you want it shaded, I'm going to shade it. I will dm you the finished base instead of uploading it to pmc because I'm not really a base account and I prefer uploading finished skins to my page. You can feel free to edit the base and put whatever outfit you want on the base, but you CANNOT UPLOAD THE BASE TO ANY WEBSITE. I prefer that my bases are used for your personal skin only, so please do not upload any skin with my base onto any website.

    I will not make these skins:
    Mineta from BNHA
    Anything that is too vague
    Anthing that isn't approrpiate
    There are no exceptions to this rule.

    Skins I WILL Make:
    -Orignal Skins (Not fandom related)
    - Fandom related skins that are not in the above list

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    • Your Local Fish Nerd
      September 24, 2017, 3:54 pm to Public
      29 subs away from 200 subscribers! woo
      Minori Neko said 2017-09-24 16:08:37
      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! >W<
    • Your Local Fish Nerd
      September 14, 2017, 1:05 pm to Public
    • Your Local Fish Nerd
      September 10, 2017, 4:11 pm to Public
      You know how a lot of artists will do style challenges where the artist has to draw the same thing in several different art styles of other artists/shows/whatever? What if we did that but skins. One person would make a few skins in the shading/color styles of other skin makers(With their permission, of course) just as a fun way to challenge yourself
      Dexheart said 2017-09-10 18:55:17
      I dig it
    • Your Local Fish Nerd
      September 1, 2017, 3:51 pm to Public
      finally, it's my favorite season of the year... halloween
    • Your Local Fish Nerd
      August 16, 2017, 5:42 pm to Public
      I kind of think it would be fun to do skin trades but I'm not really sure how they work?
      Wouter said 2017-08-25 18:41:40
      previous comment is skintrades in a nutshell i guess

      but yeah you just ask someone else if they want to do a skintrade
      then if they wanna do it you make a version of one of their skins or characters or art or whatever they're fine with
      and they make a skin based on one of your skins
      then you link the original, their side and their profile in the description to let everyone know about the trade

      i've once done a trade where i traded a skin for a piece of art, now i don't think trades like that are very common but i guess people are willing to do that sometimes too if you ask them
      UnintentionalNya said 2017-08-16 17:43:48
      Well, I'd imagine you make a skin and they make a skin and you send them to eachother, then you put them up on your accounts with credit to them.
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