【𖣥 God’s Wrath 𖣥】 Minecraft Skin
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【𖣥 God’s Wrath 𖣥】

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【𖣥 God’s Wrath 𖣥】 Minecraft Mob Skin

.•*.•* ༺ 𖣥 ۞ 𖣥 ༻ *•.*•.

”Are these beasts truly retribution from God?
Most likely not.

They certainly don’t look like God’s creations,
but one can never know.

The cross is more than enough to convince some,
but how could Mother Nature have known

what symbols we’d create for ourselves?”

.•*.•* ༺ 𖣥 ۞ 𖣥 ༻ *•.*•.

The thing’s supposed to glow once put into the game,
though that might just be Bedrock.
Sorry if it is.
CreditMizuno’s 16 Craft Texture Pack. My own take on the same idea...

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