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Level 37 : Artisan Mage
Similar to the Iron Golem, Golems come way before the existence of their iron counterpart. Though their origin in unknown, it seems they were created in the image of the modern day Villager, and their only mission was to protect the Villagers. Grateful for the help, the Villagers accepted them into their villages, but once the Golems had all died out, the Villagers suffered great losses due to the Illagers’ attacks. Desperate for help once again, the villagers sought to recreate their ancient protectors, but better, and more durable. They constructed their new golems out of solid iron, hence why they are called “Iron” Golems, and not just Golems. Records of the Golems dating back many many years ago say a select group of Golems were given flaming eyes. No evidence was gathered as to what purpose it served, but it has been guessed that the flame represented admirability and recognition, and was designated for the Golems who had been the most active in combat or defense.
ModelIron Golem

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