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Astronaut Pig

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Level 6 : Apprentice Network
The file for pig should be called pig_saddle.png. You should put it in a folder named pig.
Make a folder in the resourcepacks folder of .minecraft. Name it whatever you want.
In that folder, make a folder named assets. Then make a txt file and put this in it:
"pack": {
"pack_format": 6,
"description": [{"text":"Astronaut Pig","color":"gold"},{"text":"Saddling a pig gives it an astronaut suit","color":"yellow"}]

Rename the txt file to pack.mcmeta
make a file called pack.png, and draw anything (this is optional)

Inside the assets folder, put a folder called minecraft
inside the minecraft folder, make a folder called textures
Inside the textures folder, make a folder called entity
Inside the entity folder, make a folder called pig, and put the pig_saddle.png inside
If you are having trouble, look up how to make a recourse pack. Recourse packs can be stacked on top of one another in game, the texture pack on top will have priority to the ones that it is above. If you have this texture pack, and a texture pack below it that retexturizes the saddled pig, this one will overwrite that one. You can organize the ordering, and if the recourse pack is activated, by going to the esc menu, and go to recoursepacks, and move the packs from left to right, and move them up and down accordingly.

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