Balearic Islands cave goat (Myotragus) - For the Prehistoric Mob skin Contest Minecraft Skin

This Mob Skin is an entry in the completed Prehistoric Minecraft Mob Skin Contest.

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Balearic Islands cave goat (Myotragus) - For the Prehistoric Mob skin Contest

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The Myotragus lived in the Balearic Islands of Spain, until about 5000 years ago, even though there have been fossils found that where more than 5 million years old! The Myotragus itself was only about 50cm high (standing) and weighted between 50 and 70 kg. Unlike other Goats its Eyes wherent directed towards the sides but instead looking directly forwards. What makes this Goat even more special is that it has been assumed to have cold blood, just like reptiles! The reason for this is cause the Myotragus has the same kind of bone structure as reptiles (something that no warm-blooded animal has) which only lets us assume that there most be more similarities. The Myotragus already has a reptile view and grow pattern, also the conditions under it had lived seem nearly impossible to survive in low nutrient environments without these reptile traits.

Hope I you guys didnt get bored over this small historic description of a goat ;D

If you have any other suggestions for mob skins, player skins or/and texture packs I should make please let me know...
Have a nice day!
CreditSources: Wikipedia

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