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krossy_ The ExiIed FeIIow avatar krossy_ The ExiIed FeIIow
Level 52 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
𝐼'𝓂 π“‰π‘œπ‘œ π“π’Άπ“π“Ž π“‰π‘œ 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓃 𝒢𝒹𝒹 𝒢 π’Ήπ‘’π“ˆπ’Έπ“‡π’Ύπ“…π“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ. 𝐼𝓉'π“ˆ π“…π“‡π‘’π“‰π“‰π“Ž π“‚π“Šπ’Έπ’½ 𝓉𝒽𝑒 π“‚π‘œπ“ˆπ“‰ π’·π‘œπ“‡π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘” 𝓅𝒢𝓇𝓉 π‘œπ’» π“Šπ“…π“π‘œπ’Άπ’Ήπ’Ύπ“ƒπ‘” π“ˆπ‘œπ“‚π‘’π“‰π’½π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”. 𝐼𝒻 π“Žπ‘œπ“Š 𝒽𝒢𝓋𝑒 π“ƒπ‘œ π’Ύπ“ƒπ’»π‘œπ“‡π“‚π’Άπ“‰π’Ύπ‘œπ“ƒ π‘œπ“ƒ π“Œπ’½π’Άπ“‰ π“‰π’½π‘’π“ˆπ‘’ π’Άπ“ƒπ’Ύπ“‚π’Άπ“π“ˆ 𝒢𝓇𝑒, π‘”π‘œ π“ˆπ‘’π’Άπ“‡π’Έπ’½ 𝑒𝓂' π“Šπ“… π’»π‘œπ“‡ π“Žπ‘œπ“Šπ“‡π“ˆπ‘’π“π’».

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1 Update Logs

Just some tweaks after not being so lazy anymore : 09/09/2021 12:09:48 pmSep 9th

- Textured the bottom of the bison's body

- Reverted the hooves

- Textured the inner side of the legs

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