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Black Splash Pinto Horse

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★✰★✰★A new paint horse had galloped in from the plains! ★✰★✰★

This horse is a black splash pinto. Pintos are horses that aren't part of the paint horse breed but share the breed's characteristic white patterns. These horses can be part of a few pure breed registries or cross-bred horses. 'Splash,' however, is a term used to describe a gene-caused pattern that causes the legs of a horse to be white and, most of the time, part of the stomach, sides, and chest. The white markings of a pinto horse can come together with the splash gene to create some very interesting-looking horses.

My goal is to add some realistic colors from different breeds with unique markings for people to enjoy. My first set is paint and pinto horses, and my next project will be a set of Fjord colors.

In the paint and pinto collection are these other skins:

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My other horses are:

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If you have questions, I will do my best to answer- Vampiric.
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