Captain Goldeye Minecraft Skin
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Level 40 : Master Explorer
A greedy pillager, Captain Goldeye left the illager army to form his own rogue team of plunderers. Goldeye and his unit would commonly use the Nether as a hideout and as a pathway to reach distant lands of the Overworld. Goldeye's team quickly became a notorious enemy of villagers and illagers alike. Obsessed with resources of all sorts, Goldeye would take any risk to gain even the slightest amount of riches. His exploits would come to an end when he died trying to scale a cliff in the Nether to retrieve a single gold ingot that a human had thrown to trick him. Shortly after his death, his plunderers attempted to leave the Nether, only to find one block of the portal missing. Goldeye's cursed eyepatch of greed was eventually retrieved and placed on display in a village library. Legend has it that if somebody puts on his cursed eyepatch, they will see and feel how he died in the lava, causing intense, hot pain to anyone who wears it.

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