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avatar whetshu
Level 12 : Journeyman Fish
These creatures lives in the depth of the cold oceans. They live so deep there is no natural light. They were created by a witch named Wilong (Why-long) for Herobrine. The witch created them by imbuing Magma Cubes with an experimental potion. She called the potion a Waterlung Potion. The Waterlung potion was created to make mobs that were not Zombies into a sort of Drowned variant.
  The effects it had were quite strange. It changed the very makeup of the Magma Cubes. Their fiery molten cores were turned to solid ice. Their outer layers were turned to a dark sort of jelly like water. And their eyes were made of a similar, but lighter in color, substance.

  When Herobrine was vanquished these creatures started to inhabit the coldest oceans they could find. If they did not get to the oceans in time the heat of the sun would destabilize there internal structure, and they would become a puddle beneath you feet. So, for the sake of their very survival they live deep in the cold oceans where not many creatures disturb them.

  Be wary when approaching this creature. If you don't see it first you may still be able to tell when it is nearby. The water around you will become extremely cold, colder than it already is. The creatures also give off a faint glow that atract small fish for feeding. DO NOT try to attack this creature, it will almost always win by immobilizing you with extremely cold temperatures and then enveloping you in its body

  I have been observing these creatures for about 2 months now. I am happy to report they apper to have gotten used to me so I have decided to take a risk, and get closer to these creatures. Oh my, it appears to have just consumed a fish and is now turning toward me. This creature is quite fascinating close up. It is stretching towards me! I need to get away! I need to---
ModelMagma Cube

09/29/2020 11:17 amhistory
Level 28 : Expert Lego Builder
Great work! Your bonus score is 5/5! Your other points will be revealed at the end of the contest.
09/29/2020 12:01 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Fish
Thank you very much!
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