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Dark Village Ghost

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WDGaster2 avatar WDGaster2
Level 45 : Master Herobrine
This is how I imagine the Villagers in the Covert Operations Series to look. Even though this mob skin doesn't add an element of "Making Minecraft A Little Harder" to the collection, I hope it has achieved an element of spookiness at least, and perhaps even something of an "uneasy -vibe" similar to my "Dark Spectral Apparition" Skeleton and "Vanishing Spider Spirit", because that is the agenda: 1.) Cause as much paranoia as possible. 2.) Make what seems safe, to be in actuality dangerous. 3.) Cause jump-scares as much as possible. 4.) Make what is truly safe, become indistinguishable from natural scenery, or hostile mobs.
ResolutionHD 2x

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04/19/2020 9:30 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Chef
CorporalKeith avatar
04/17/2020 6:51 amhistory
Level 45 : Master Herobrine
WDGaster2 avatar
For some reason it's face isn't showing up the way it did in the PMCSkin3D maker. I went a head and downloaded the skin from this page and looked it over on my computer to see if things had been altered. Even though this page shows the mob's face totally darkened (besides the eyes), the download from this page matches how it originally looked in the PMCSkin3D maker. It's supposed to have a much more detailed face, so you'll just have to download it and notify me if you can see more than what is presently displayed. Let me know if you can't. I may have to make some color palette adjustments. I can't check it for myself (in game), because I have Java edition, and at the time it seems it can only be downloaded from PMC in Bedrock edition.
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