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Dream Vault Guardian Hive

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Level 25 : Expert Enchanter
The Dream Vault is less of a vault and more of a rich architect's vacation home. It is still loaded with valuables of diamond, amethyst, gold, emerald, lapis lazuli, and quartz. Books of rare knowledge, exotic plants, and supposedly a secret stash of netherite and enderite can be expected to be in the Vault as well. Among the wealth of the Dream Vault includes a garden courtyard, fountains, and statues, vases, artifacts, and trophies.

Regardless, the architect had commissioned an alchemist to create a unique brand of guardian mob to protect the vault. The Golden Guardian was the result. A sentient gilded Spawner producing small red soul-like beings that produce a fire that doesn't burn the physical world, perfect for not damaging the expensive treasures of the vault. Instead, their fire burns the soul, ignoring fire resistance and burning with increased intensity.


Initially inspired by Yoler_Toons's ghast babies.
CreditLoosely inspired by @Yoler_Toons, https://www.planetminecraft.com/mob-skin/ghast-babies-official-of-mcd-flames-of-the-nether/
ResolutionHD 2x

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