Eatalotl Minecraft Skin
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Level 44 : Master Skinner
You think Axolotls are just the cutest? Eatalotl wants to change your perspective. Born with a unique defect that causes Axolotls to be born without skin, it leaves their bones and muscles exposed. Not only does their birth defect expose them, they are born without eyes and form large human like teeth with their "gills" turning into large mouth flaps covered in teeth.

But why are they called Eatalotls? The axolotl despite already being a carnivore and mildly cannibalistic became more ravenous and constantly hunger, eating Anything that is meat, that includes other axolotls and Eatalotls Completely, even their owners...

(Fun Fact: Axolotls DO cannibalize each other, but it is under special circumstances such as starvation and is usually amongst the babies if they aren't fed enough, leading to missing limbs and parts, or even entire consumption! Are they still cute? Cute little cannibalistic creatures?)
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